Future Ahead

Future Ahead

By:  Rosa Scarlet  Ongoing
Language: English
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Can you imagine how life will be in 3019? Exactly a thousand years from 2019 human life would be very different. All the fossil fuels have been long depleted. The human race will have to face far more bigger challenges as they are unknown to how enormous amounts of energy is supplied to them to keep the futuristic lifestyle going. There comes a helping hand from another planet! But they ask a heavy price in return for all the energy they will supply to Earthlings. Heinous crimes are committed, humans turn against humans and the whole of humanity is ultimately at stake. Romance will brew, darkest of betrayals will be felt, deception will be the norm and survival will be the end game. Join this adventure with Rosa and unravel the mysteries to see what lies ahead in store for the human race.

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7 Chapters
It is the year 3019. Let me give you a brief summary about how life is in this era. All the fossil fuels of Earth got depleted in the year 2100. Since then the human race has been largely dependant on solar, wind and hydro energies. A recent invention in the year 2700 led to the discovery of the machine 'Electro Master'. It's discovery made possible for the humans to tap the energy available from the thunderstorms. Electro Master basically attracts and stores the energy from the thunder when the monsoons visit the cities of the country and then converts it into the desired power of electrical energy for usage. Now you may ask a question 'What about the draught prone regions of a country?' Well then I will say that the energy stored by just one city of a country with the highest rainfall per annum is more than enough to satisfy the needs of the whole country for a whole year. This invention reduced the dependence of humans on the solar energy. The technology i
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Year 3019
Rosa was in her room with her dog Neptune and her drone robo Curiosity . Yes she named her dog Neptune. She was very fascinated by the space and was hopeful that one day the humans will find other extraterrestrials who are intelligent and maybe they can make peace with us. Her teen mind had vivid imaginations about that day. There will be hope, peace and joy. She is 18 years old. She has dark brown hair reaching till her mid back and ocean blue eyes with rosy ivory skin. She loves to collect vintage artefacts and she loves to read stories about the universe, multiverse and everything beyond. Suddenly a robotic female voice said "Rosa dinner is ready, mom and dad are waiting for you downstairs."Rosa "I'll be there in a minute" and with that she closed the book she was reading.In 3019 each house had a robotic security plus connecting software. It helped with daily household chores and minimised the chances of theft and accidents by 70%. It needed to be upg
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Future Schools
It was morning and as the sunrays entered Rosa's room the alarm rang. She woke up, yawned and stretched in her bed. The robotic voice said "Good morning Rosa, right now it's 7:00 am and you need to be in your school exactly at 8:00 am. So you quickly need to brush, take a bath, have breakfast and get ready. Have a nice day." Rosa jumped off her bed and went to take a shower. Actually she doesn't even need to do anything. The atomatic shower and bath tub will take care of everything from scrubbing, cleaning, moisturizing and dressing her up. She just needs to select her clothes. After getting ready she was transported to the dining room. Mom and dad were already at the table having breakfast. Mom was having a cup of black coffee and some toast and dad was having eggs and bacon. Rosa seated herself at the table and said good morning to her mom and dad. Mom said "Did you sleep well sweetheart?" Rosa nodded and said "Oh yeah even thoug
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Mars Trip
Soon the day came when they were supposed to leave for their Mars trip. All the students needed to reach the spaceport on time. Rosa had gotten up early that morning, gotten ready, bid her parents bye and quickly booked an aircab to reach the spaceport on time. As the aircab arrived she jumped inside it aircab and soon reached the spaceport. Sofia was already there waiting for her. All the students were there including Kaylee, Carol, Petricia, Dominic, Tyler and Alex. It was time for checking and the security with their AI robots were scanning their luggage and they themselves were also scanned and then all of them boarded the spacecraft after wearing their spacesuits that they were given. They were extremely light weight and made up of a very comfortable fabric. Each of them were given an oxygen mask by the spacehostess. The spacehostess announced that their seatbelts will be automatically fastened and that they will be served lunch after some time. Their
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Faint Red Glow
What Rosa saw next was out of her wildest imaginations. As she went closer to the faint red glow she saw Alex standing at the corner of the library. His body was emitting a faint red glow. It was as if flames were engulfing his body but he was least bothered. His skin was a shade of pale grey almost ashy complexion. His eyes were the same normal blue but it had a spark in it as if they were shinning. Rosa was scared out of her wits. She questioned to her own self "What is this thing? Is he even human?" But maybe luck was not really in her favour that day. As she was peeking from a corner she lost her balance and she accidentally tripped and twisted her ankle. She gasped in pain. Immediately the flames surrounding Alex's body vanished and he was back to normal, evidently he was alerted of somebody's presence. He was coming towards the corner where Rosa was hiding to inspect from where the noise came from. Rosa immediately picked the book that she had come to take and
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Exploration Gone Erroneous
It was evening in Mars now and after taking their power naps and getting over the spacelag it was finally time for a hearty meal for the students and teachers. Everybody was quite hungry as they had not even snacked after landing on Mars as it was strictly prohibited by the protocols. They needed to let their bodies to adjust to the temperature and environment. Now every student came out of their hotel rooms went to the dining hall and seated themselves on the table.  Rosa and Sofia came out together and sat beside each other. Alex was sitting opposite Rosa with Kaylee and Tyler, Dominic, Petricia and Carol were seated just beside Rosa's table. Rosa was looking at the dining hall with awe and gaping her mouth like a fish. Her eyes were wide with admiration. Her ocean blue eyes twinkled in the light with a child like innocence in it. She felt like a guileless child who has just been born and looking at the world with an ardent curiosity and amazement. Her eyes suddenly c
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Astray and Trepidition
Rosa was thinking in her mind "I have walked for what feels like a couple of hours now. My mobile seems to be not working and glitching. No wonder this area was prohibited for us. I am actually quite scared. I have an artificial atmosphere device attached with me which is supplying me with the required oxygen so I know I will at least not die due to suffocation or inefficient oxygen. At least not now, till the system is working and till there is oxygen left in the tank. It is connected with hotel Oxymar's main point of supply but there are a thousand different scenarios that might happen. Also I am far away from the safe zone so the supply is pretty weak and eventually it might just stop. I wish I could connect to the hotel with this device or at least send my location but my mobile is glitching, so there is absolutely no way to do so until somebody notices I am missing and send Martian robotic police troops for help."  Numerous negative scenarios were roaming in Rosa's
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