The Moon Goddess Choice

The Moon Goddess Choice

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THE MOON GODDESS CHOICE (A CARD OF FATE) Alpha King Carl Damien has decided to retire as the alpha of Moon Stone Fortress. He has two identical sons and they are both fit to become the next alpha of the pack. And soon he is faced with the reality of making a choice. Different worlds. Different personalities. Different goals. Different choices. One love for the same woman. Jayden Damien, a bad boy wolf as he is often called because every she-wolf wants him but his heart belongs to one woman. He loves the pack more than himself and he has an expectation of becoming the next alpha. Jayden feels he is stuck with responsibilities of the pack and he does his best at running things smoothly. But for some certain reasons, Jayden feels threatened by his twin brother’s reappearance in the pack. Chicago’s most wanted billionaire bachelor, Jaylen Damien’s life changed with a phone call. His father is ill and he is needed back home to be with him till he breathe his last. Jaylen is not interested in becoming the next alpha but he finds a reason to smile again when a woman got into his heart. His whole life is in Chicago but his heart is telling him to stay. And the choice is not easy to make. Meanwhile, rivalry, hatred, betrayal, power struggle in a fight for the throne ensued among the princes as Lorelei finds herself unwittingly caught between the Damien Brothers. This is the SEQUEL of Alpha’s Predestined Bride. You might need to read the first book to have a clear understanding of the story.

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76 Chapters
Bad Boy Wolf
THE MOON GODDESS CHOICE (A Card Of Fate) EPISODE ONE THEME: Bad boy wolf MOON STONE FORTRESS The lady on red hair moaned as Jayden pinned her against the wall, feeling her so hard right against her needing core. Her arms were wrapped around his shoulders as he kept squeezing her ass cheeks, her legs were hooked around his torso, her blouse and his shirt already open. “Harder Jayden! Oh-yes! That way!” The red haired moaned urging him to slam into her faster than he could take. She shot her head back as he pressed her against him and hitting on her g-spot. “What the—“ Jayden didn’t cease even as he moved to the bed. He pushed his whole shaft inside her cutting her off mid-sentence. He flipped them so that he could push harder and so he started to pump in and out faster. “Fuck! Jayden!” “Oh..moaning my name again, huh?” Jayden smirked at her response. “I..I..I—“ He pinned her hands down to the side of her neck, thrusting harder and all she could do was moan and
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Sensual Tension
EPISODE TWO THEME: Sensual Tension MOON STONE FORTRESS Lorelei hissed and would have turned away to leave but Jayden pinned her against the door frame. The movement was swift that it knocked some breathe out of her. “Are you insane Jay—“ He slammed his lips on hers cutting off her intended statement. Lorelei fought against him but he was too strong for her. Jayden moved closer grabbing her waist to keep her caged to the wall that she could feel his manhood pressed against her stomach. Lorelei didn’t give in as she tried to pull away from him. But Jayden had her, too strongly, his hand making its way to cup one of her breast with his mouth still on hers, kissing her roughly but passionately. Lorelei let out a breathless moan, unable to keep it, feeling both guilty for going against her rule and yet also so extremely pleasured at the same time by just his touch. “This is wrong. So wrong.” Their wolves commented for separate reasons. He shouldn’t take her against her
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The Big Alpha
EPISODE THREETHEME: The Big Alpha MOON STONE FORTRESSSebastian stomped his way into the pack house, hell bent on bending Jayden's neck as soon as he sights him. Sometimes, he wished so bad to not have anything doing with Jayden. But being the future Beta he is obligated to stay true to the next in line to become the alpha.They grew up together and has been friends all their lives. Truly Sebastian loves Jayden and he would take everything but not a disrespect towards his sister. It is not a new thing for Jayden to trample upon anyone the way he wanted but he needs to know his boundaries. Sebastian huffed almost knocking the door to Jayden's room down when one of the pack house maids rushed towards him.“Good day sir Sebastian, he is in the study." She informed him before continuing her journey.It pissed Sebastian off that his anger was dissipating and on getting to the door he didn't bother to knock.Jayden had a boyish grin on his face as his legs rested on
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No time left
EPISODE FOURTHEME: No time left MOON STONE FORTRESSLuna Meagan paced the doorway with a heavy heart, praying to the moon goddess her husband would be fine. Alpha Carl Damien had been facing some threatening health issues for a while and he had intended to keep it hidden but being a medical practitioner herself she could tell something was wrong with him.They had been able to manage it well, however he grew weaker as the day passes on. Today had been the least expected, Carl had woken up fully active and he had thrown jokes at her in his usual playful mood. Meagan had been glad he was coming back to normal only for him to collapse out of nowhere and sending the whole pack house into a panic mode.Thanks to Beta Julius, who had kept everyone under control and prevent the fall of the great alpha from spreading all through the pack. Enemies of the pack are quick to feed on such informations and attack when anyone least expected.Her best friend and wife to Beta Julius,
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A Card Of Fate
THE MOON (A CARD OF FATE) EPISODE FIVE THEME: A Card of Fate MOON STONE FORTRESS Alpha King Carl adjusted his eyes to the darkness as he managed to sit up on the bed. He looked around the room, it was obvious no one was with him. He sighed, resting his head on the bed frame. He had been expecting a day like this to come, when his days would be actually numbered. What he didn't tell Meagan was; when he travelled for some business he had met with a doctor who was also a werewolf but lived among the humans. Doctor Derek had informed him of his life span and how weaker he would get as time passes. Alpha Carl heaved another sigh slowly as he felt bad for keeping the truth from Meagan. But he knew that was the right thing to do, she would go berserk and try everything she can to make him stay longer even when it was obvious there wasn't any probable solution. However, his mind wasn't heavy because of his health. That was the least on his mind. What bothered him the
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The wish of a dying father
EPISODE SIXTHEME: The wish of a dying father MOON STONE FORTRESS"You awake?" Meagan asked again as she moved towards him. She had been at the door waiting patiently, to check if he would make any sound.Despite being warned by Hazel to let him rest, Meagan couldn't help the thought of leaving her man all alone in the dark and without her being next to him.Carl's face lighted when he saw her. He could see her heave a sigh of relief when their eyes met. His wife looked like she had grown ten times her age. The guilt of being the reason behind her misery gnawed at his mind.Patting the empty side of his bed, he beckoned to her. "Come baby."Not waiting to be called twice, Meagan ran to his sides and cuddled next to him.“Do you miss me that much?" He asked, letting out a light chuckle.Meagan nodded her head against his sides without saying anything just to prevent her tears from falling on him.“Such a cry baby." Carl teased as he kissed her forehead. "I wonder what you would
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His Birth Home
EPISODE SEVENTHEME: His Birth Home CHICAGO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA MOON STONE GROUPEveryone moved around rigidly like bees at work, some of them who couldn't control themselves whispered to each other in low tones as they did their jobs. The Chief Executive Officer of Moon Stone Group that deals in businesses that ranges from Tech, Hotels, Construction to say the least was returning from his long business trip to Asia. And knowing how insistent he is on being impeccable none of the workers wanted to be found wanting.The moment Jaylen Damien stepped into the hallway of his company's headquarter, every where went quiet. Being the most sort after single billionaire whose company soared high among its counterpart did take a toll on people. He commands attention everywhere he goes.Keeping up with his walk, he only nodded to those who were conscious enough to snap out of their reverie.“How does it feel to be labelled on Forbes list as most prospective under thirty billionaire?
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Family’s love
EPISODE EIGHTTHEME: Family’s Love GABRIELLA DAMIEN HOME"Surprise!” Multiple voices screamed out as he opened the door.Jaylen groaned inwardly at the sight. “Granny!” He whined.“Come here my baby." Gabriella Damien called out to him with an outstretched hands. “Oh baby, I am so proud of you."Rubbing hard at his face, Jaylen moved further into the open arms of his grandmother. He should have been suspicious of the extra food she said that she had prepared. But his shady mind had made him believe she was just too excited to see him. He had been away for three months.Looking around at the rest of the family, he couldn't explain the feeling that came over him. His depressive state dissipated at the sight of them. Jaylen felt betrayed when he saw Rosalyn in their midst.“You?" He called out in surprise.Rosalyn raised her hands in surrender before pointing at Gabriella. "She made me do it.”"Won't you say hello to your favorite aunt?" His mother's sister, Penelope hijacked him fr
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Call from mom
EPISODE NINETHEME: Call from mom GABRIELLA DAMIEN HOMEAfter every one had left, leaving Jaylen and Gabriella. They both sat down on the porch watching the beautiful sky with its half moon.Thoughts of how amazing it would be to shift under the bright moonlight crossed Jaylen’s mind. It had been so long he shifted and he had almost forgotten whether he was human or a werewolf. He was more human in his thoughts, and werewolf in his heart.Gabriella watched her grandson as the lines of his jaw tightened. She had never met someone who kept his pains so much to himself like Jaylen. It was obvious he feels guilty whenever he unburdens himself on another person. She felt like the proudest grandmother on earth. Having to watch him strive from the uncertain teenage boy to becoming one of the most sort after young man made her extremely happy.Jaylen had grown into a fine young man and he never gave her any problems since he lived with her. Despite the troubles they said he did cause,
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Into the future
THE MOON GODDESS CHOICE (A CARD OF FATE) EPISODE TEN THEME: Into the future MOON STONE FORTRESS Meagan stared out the large window as she sat rigidly. Her life in the past years played out in front of her and it felt like she might lose her mind. She shuddered lightly as the cold midday breeze hit her. The weather seem to not have any intention of coming up bright for the day. It looked gloomy just like the way she felt. Carl watched his woman heave for what seem like the umpteenth time. She had been checking the screen of her phone every passing second, awaiting the call of their son. Even though not hearing from him wasn't the only thing bothering her. He had woken up to a strange, unfamiliar feeling and all his wolf asked him to do was call out to the great seer. His Luna was obviously paranoid and he himself worried about what exactly she would tell to them. Beta Julius stepped into the room, bowing his head lightly. “How are you feeling today, Alpha?" He asked, nodd
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