Unwanted By The Beta

Unwanted By The Beta

By:  Leema Kamal  Completed
Language: English
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Jayla is an eighteen year old girl in her final year of high school. Tyler is the same age as Jayla, and in his final year of high school, too, only he is a bad boy who goes around sleeping with almost all the girls at school while Jayla is a good girl, a virgin even. On her eighteenth birthday, she bumps into Tyler, and sparks erupt on her skin, making her know that Tyler is her mate. Jayla is overjoyed at finding her mate on her birthday but her joy is cut short when he pushes her to the ground and stalks off like he didn't feel a thing between them. Despite all Jayla's efforts to win Tyler over, he still does not want anything to do with her. Will she give up on their mate bond or will she do anything in her power to get Tyler to acknowledge it? Read on to find out.

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136 Chapters
TylerI use a towel to dry my hair a bit as I stand in front of the mirror after my shower. Football is my love. My passion even. But sweaty jerseys are something I just can't handle and I have to take a shower after every game. I'm a clean freak like that.I gel my hair in the perfect spike, spray on some cologne that makes all the girls go crazy on me, and pull on a simple t-shirt that shows off my toned chest, and then my phone pings with a message. I ignore it at first, assuming it's some girl I hooked up with before, asking to come over and I'm sure as hell not interested.It's kind of a pact I have made with myself that I will never hook up with the same girl again. I don't have a big reason for that. It's just that it would be kind of boring. I deserves better, after all.And there are plenty of girls out there in the market anyways. So why hook up with the same one twice? Half of the fun is in discovering their pleasure points anyway. Every one of them has it at different plac
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JaylaAs cliche as it sounds, I hate parties. Especially the ones that include my parents or relatives, because the moment I know that there will be relatives at a party, I know what is going to go down. But it's not like you can really turn the party offer down with it's your own birthday."Oh my God! Is that you, Jayla? Wow! It's been so long!" My aunt, Martha, gushes as she squeezes me in one of her bone-crushing hugs. "Awww, look at you, getting demonstrations already. You have grown up so much!" What the fuck are you talking about, woman? You just saw me last week, and the only thing I have managed to grow within that interval is the hair on my legs which I shaved earlier today."So where is your mate?" she asks, her eyes darting around.She knows I haven't found my mate but she still likes to ask every time just to rub it in. She's a little bit of a bitch sometimes."Haven't found one yet," I whisper lowly, the disappointment and sadness evi
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JaylaI pull Edward along with me to our next class after our embarrassing encounter with The Jerk. Yeah, I call him that because that's what he is. A Jerk with a capital J.My mind involuntarily drifts off to that party and I feel a pang in my heart when I think of him and how he pushed me away like I was nothing. I thought mates have to love each other.I shake my head and try to concentrate my mind on the chemistry exercise in front of me. "Okay, so if the temperature is increased, will the forward or backward reaction be favored?" I mumble to myself."Shhh, Jay," someone nudges me from behind, and I shrug them off, knowing it's no one but Eddie.I continue working on the exercise in my front when he pokes me again, this time with a pencil. I look back and hiss at him to stay quiet. He juts his bottom lip out and gives me a puppy dog look. I want to laugh so badly but I settle for giving him a stern look. He widens his eyes and they start turning
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Jayla The whole universe hates me. Yeah, that's it. That's the only logical reason for the kind of torture I'm being put through right now.Shortly after Edward's surprise visit, the teacher enters the class and sits down in front of us. He gives us all a blank stare for a good five minutes and just when we think he would lecture us on good behavior, he starts going through some essays, ignoring our presence completely.The brunette leaves the class after a while, saying that she doesn't have after-school detention and she was here just to give Tyler some company.I snort. Give some company? More like giving something else. The value of something else depends on how dirty-minded you are."Edward?" the teacher said and I stifled a gasp. So he speaks.Turns out he is Edward's French teacher and he wants his help."Can you help me carry these to the staff lounge?" he asks, getting up from his chair. He collects a bundle of papers and gestures for Edw
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JaylaGulping, I turn around to see Tyler standing there with a signature smirk on his face. My heart starts beating fast and I throw a panicked glance at the door. It was locked. And Tyler was standing in front of it like a freaking guard dog.Dammit.I try to push him aside. "Move, I want to go out!" I say but he doesn't even budge.Instead he grabs my arms and pins me beside the wall. I gasp and start struggling against his hold. What's with him and pinning me against walls?"What is your problem? Let go of me! I don't want to talk to you!"He growls and just tightens his hold. "Stop struggling!"I don't. Instead I start struggling even more. "Let go of me, Tyler. You're hurting me!" I cry, tugging my arms from his hold.His eyes softens immediately and he lets go of my arms. Instead he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me flush against his body.I'm so close to him again. The faint line of the closet casts a shadow on his face and I notice how beautifully thick and long his
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JaylaRemember what I said about not liking parties? Yeah. Now add dressing up to the list of things I hate about parties.I throw my closet open and groan when I see that I have practically nothing to wear. My entire closet is filled with either worn out jeans and shirt outfits or summer dresses, which are definitely not meant for a party like this.Even though I doubt any other packs are invited, our own pack is big enough. It has about 800 members with 300 school going members. I miss Katherine being here. That girl always had a talent of finding something presentable for a party in my trashy closetFinally I settle for blue skinny jeans, white crop top and a pair of strappy heels. It's a rather cute kind of outfit and it suits me well. I quickly plug in my curling iron as I do a bit of makeup.I apply some concealer under my eyes and on my eyelids as a base before taking my palette to do a quick smoky eyelook. Then I take my black eyeliner from YSL and do a quick wing. I add some
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JaylaI turn around to see who it was that spoke and I gasp loudly."Harry?" I whisper, shocked to the marrow. All the memories begin to clutch at my sanity and I let them over take me.It was our first year anniversary and Harry decided to take me to a fancy restaurant for dinner."Harry!" I giggled as he tickled my sides before leaning in to kiss me.I kissed him back immediately, my arms wrapped around his neck and I angled our faces to deepen the kiss. He moaned in approval and put his arm around my waist, moving his lips against mine.I didn't feel any sparks. I didn't feel anything at all, but I still liked it for some reason. Sparks couldn't really exist, right? They were just fanatasies.My thoughts were interrupted when Harry began pushing his hand up my shirt, touching my skin. I clenched his shirt, not liking the feeling. I didn't like it when he touched me like that but he took it as a signal of pleasure and began touching me further up. His finger brushed the underside of
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Jayla"Harry," I whisper, shocked. He just smirks and moves closer to me.My eyes widen and I panic, backing up. My back touches the cold railing and I realize that I'm in a balcony with practically no way out. My eyes desperately move to the door but he is guarding it, standing directly in front of it. There is no way of escaping.His smirk widenes and he starts pressing against me. I look away, disgusted."Move!" I say but my voice comes out weaker than I intended because I'm fucking scared.I clear my throat and try again, pushing his chest. "Move!"I don't like touching him at all but as it is, I don't really have much of a choice. He doesn't even budge but I'm not surprised about that. Putting his hands on either side of my waist, he leans closer. "Why so shy now, love?" he coos, twirling a piece of my brown locks between his fingers.Him being near me isn't a nice feeling. He doesn't give me any tingles like Tyler. In fact my body rejects him in every way possible. I can feel my
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JaylaFalse heat drugs are something created by witches. They include essential oils, natural extracts, regular drugs and of course, spells. Since they are produced via magic and spells, they don't have an antitode.Not a lot of people use these drugs, though. That is because they are really expensive, and they can cause a lot of pain if not used correctly.Heat is not only painful, but complicated too. A lot of people confuse heat with sexual desire or arousal but they are actually different.Sexual arousal is usually for a particular person and is as a result of an action or situation, like by someone grinding against you, or you being involved in a sexual activity. Whereas, heat is not for a particular person and is a matter of time. A marked wolf falls into heat every new moon until the mating process is completed. Heat is just the unquenchable need of your body for release.If a werewolf's human mate is in heat, then only their mate can quench it. Whereas, if a werewolf's wer
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TylerChase growls inside me because we now know the reason that bastard drugged our mate. But he has already been captured and is being taken care of, and now we have a mate who is in heat to take care of.My eyes wander around the room and i realize that we have a hell of a lot of audience. The men that had come in to see the commotion and to help us dispose Harry off are still in the room. Most of them are unmated and I don't miss the glint of lust in their eyes as they look at Jayla, groaning and suffering on the bed.They are all eyeing my mate with clear lust evident in their eyes, some with dark eyes-meaning their wolf is in control- and I growl angrily.I see Jasper too struggling. His eyes are fixed at the ground and his palms are curled into fists. His jaw is clenched and his eyes constantly change colors showing that he is fighting with his wolf. Being an alpha, his wolf instincts are the strongest, but it makes Chase and I happy that he is trying to control himself.From t
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