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I was running so fast that I could hear my heavy heart pounding rapidly, as my knees began to weaken. I was shot on my left arm, and the blood continuously ran down to the back of my hand. The piercing sound of gunfire echoed loudly in this place, as darkness covered the surroundings, making it easy to lose your way out. When I heard some heavy footsteps, running towards my direction, I suddenly stopped and hid behind the bar. My breath became heavier, as I thought about what I had gotten myself into. It wasn't supposed to end like this. It got beyond what was planned, I whined to myself. Suddenly, a silhouette of a masculine man started approaching, so I covered my mouth to hush my unstable breathing. I couldn't move, and I froze to where I was hiding. Then I started roaming my eyes in front to search for a weapon but unfortunately, I saw nothing but shards of alcohol bottles. I should've known this would happen. Because before this could even get w
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Chapter 1: Snake In The Den
I parked my newly bought car in front of our house. I got out of it and confidently moved my way to the massive gate, greeted by the two guards in their uniform. I was wearing sunglasses which made them hardly recognize me, so they examined my presence, studying me from head to toe. "Do you have any appointment with Sir Jones?" the bald guard asked, standing right in front of me with the humungous gate laying in between us. I slowly removed my sunglasses and raised my eyebrows to them. "As a matter of fact I live here, and my appointment is clearly to continue living here." The look on their faces was amusing. They weren't happy; rather they were shocked and anxious. They felt rushed and quickly pressed the button for the gate of Jones' Mansion to open. I went back to my car and started the engine. Driving along the cemented driveway, I admired every bit of the exterior while my eyes lingered around. The lush orchids and landscapes were welco
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Chapter 2: New Dawn
Acceptance in a family was inevitable, no matter how wrong your choices in life were. That's just how it worked.But not for us.In our family, we didn't need anyone getting in our way to success because we had it all. But not for long. Once my father's hard work was put in the hands of the traitor, everything would fall apart. The new CEO would be Mom's biggest advantage now that my father was gone. But still, she wasn't assured that Hansel's loyalty would forever give her benefit, now that I was here to sabotage her evil alliance with Jones' enemies.Yesterday, we had champagnes for the celebration of Hansel's success. They introduced me as the youngest member of the company— another lie they had to tell, so paparazzi would not suspect anything to put Jones' reputation at risk. Some officers thought I was a celebrity which I found absurd. They didn't even recognize that I was the long lost daughter. Fortunately, I had only been in the company twice when
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Chapter 3: Treacherous Royals
"Oh hi um— actually. . . " I stuttered and struggled to speak properly. "I forgot my pen." I ran my hand at the back of my neck sheepishly.He chuckled, tugging a smile. I took the pen out of his hand and mouthed thank you."Have we met before?" he asked, eyebrows drawn together. He had a thick and rough accent which undeniably sounded nice."Not quite sure but thanks for this." I smiled, raising the pen in gratitude.I heaved a sigh of relief, and I couldn't help but curl my lips into a smile."I think I'm having a deja vu." He chuckled and ran his hand through his curls. "What's your name?"He smiled again, flashing his pearly white teeth. He seemed bright though, as crinkles started to form by his eyes."Lala. Lala Preston." I extended my hand forward for a handshake and sheepishly smiled in return.He clasped my hand with his large, warm one, and I couldn't help the tingles starting to form in my stomach
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Chapter 4: Unveiling Deceptive Lies
The room was dusty, dark, and tight. Hansel ushered me to a storage filled with a lot of folders. The light flickered and the dust tingled my nose, causing me to sneeze uncontrollably. Did he forget I had allergic rhinitis? I was starting to hate him for this. I rolled my eyes in frustration and kicked the crate with too much force than I intended. Heaving a sigh, I looked down on the scraps scattered on the floor. The crate was opened, papers spilling out of it. How was I the one to fix this? Was he even serious?I crouched in front of the pile of papers and started picking everything up. From my curiosity, my eyes began to trail on the texts, reading every detail of what seemed like a research. There was even a newspaper hidden with these papers. With my nosiness, I read it."Jack Houston's murder case had been compromised," I read through the headline, mumbling to myself. What was the newspaper doing with these folders?
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Chapter 5: Forestalling Scheme
It was as if yesterday didn't happen. William convinced me to forestall our plan of finding my father because the path we got to take was dangerous, and we needed to prepare more.I worked to William in his little scheme. He illegaly distributed weapons and drugs to treacherous people, something I didn't quite understand. When they caused conflict, my job was to depart lives so William's business wouldn't be put at risk. That was the reason why I wanted to quit. Because I couldn't let myself killing people.Now we had to stick to the plan. I needed to keep on going while I wait for William's mark.It was the next day of school, and I was with my considered friend, Nick. He chose to assist me around, and he was the only person who was willing to make friends with me. As we walked down the hall, students were throwing us confused glances. I darted my eyes to Nick but he just seemed eased."People are weird," I muttered, a bit confused. Nick glanced
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Chapter 6: Goddess Of Royalty
The three girls stood behind me-- the ones I followed to the lounge yesterday. Were these the mean girls from fiction movies? Weren't they supposed to have a platinum blonde hair and piercing blue eyes?The one in the middle had evenly glowing tanned skin, a radiant hazel eyes with thick lashes, a slim but fit figure, and a healthy volumized brown hair. She was a goddess to be exact, and her vanilla scent smelled sophisticated. She was about my height, but a few inches taller because of her heels. I stood five foot eight, but she made me feel little.She looked at me with her bedazzling eyes and shot me a curious stare."Am I getting to your way?" I asked, moving to the side. Her eyes trailed on me and the two girls beside her started whispering." 'you new here?" she asked. S
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Chapter 7: Peculiar Occurrence
I crouched behind the stack of crates and continued shooting at those armed men. The only audible sound in this scenario were gunshots firing in every area of the place. They were shooting beside me, as I dodged every bullet that hit the ground. I was breathing heavily, peeking through the crate that was blocking them from seeing me.My phone vibrated inside the pocket of my skirt, and I quickly pulled it out with my free hand."How's my niece doing?" William's voice on the other side of the phone seemed amused.I couldn't even fathom why he was trying to get me killed by checking on me while in the middle of a hide-n-seek with a bunch of armed men."What the fuck, William?" I said through gritted teeth in frustration, toning down my voice. "You just ordered me to steal some money to these infuriated dogs and nearly getting me killed, and you're asking me how am I doing?""Easy there, munc
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Chapter 8: Reminiscing Gunshots
Miguel was having a chat with the guy in the counter, while I was preventing myself to look at them. Finally, my clothes were done that took almost forever. After I pulled out my clothes, I quickly went to a secluded spot and changed my outfit.My uniform that was once stained with blood and dirt was now freshly cleaned up by that washer. Wasn't it just great? Now my only problem was how to get out of here without Miguel recognizing me in this fucked up state. Probably because I had a band-aid beside my right eye and a growing bruise on my cheek. I didn't want to face him in this state.Hesitating, I stepped my foot outside and left the shirt and jeans inside and tried to walk slowly towards the door. Unfortunately, my stupid knee suddenly hit a basket of an old woman, making her clothes scattered on the ground. Shit."Watch it, kid!" the old woman exclaimed, wobbling. She slowly stood up her seat and pic
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Chapter 9: Tales Of Yesterday
I returned home after all the chaos that happened today. My body craved for a bath and rest, and the exhaustion slowly drained me, pysically and mentally. Could today get any worse? I whined to myself.I had just dealt with those armored men that were trying to kill me, a mysterious FBI agent who spared my life, and Miguel having a relationship with Amanda. Literally, everything was nothing but another burden to suffer.As I entered the house, I was greeted by Hansel who was sitting on the couch, his arms were spread wide open while he gave me a skeptical look. I stopped in my track and stared at him with my exhausted face."Why did you return home late, young lady?" he asked, his tone filled with domain.I rolled my eyes in annoyance and crossed my arms above my chest.Who gave him the right to question me? And what the hell was he trying to say? Not because we were living in the
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