75 Chapters
Chapter 01
Adrian left out a huge sigh as he sat on the chair and stared at his empty apartment. For more than 6 years this place had been his home. He had brought it in his last year of college, half savings and half borrowed from his father though. The sole aim of buying this apartment was to make a home for his girlfriend and then who became his wife. The relationship was short-lived after their marriage and had their little boy. She left him. Period. Adrian wasn’t ready to share that part of his life with anyone. Except for his parents and his younger sister, Sophie, nobody knows about that aspect of his life. For all he says to people when he is asked about his son’s mother, he just told them she is not in the picture.His 2-year-old son, Aaron wa
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Chapter 02
Jordan and Harley reached home and Harley carried the grocery bag inside. Jordan followed him behind. Elena, their mother was watching TV with their little sister, Lily. When Jordan went to the living room, Lily ran up to Jordan and hugged her legs. Jordan picks her up and kissed her cheek. “Mom, I think I should join karate,” Harley screamed from the kitchen. “Why is that?” Elena asked casually.. “Because there are boys around J all the time and I also have the responsibility to protect you three. After al
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Chapter 03
The week had rolled in pretty quickly. It was already time for schools to reopen. Adrian and Aaron had spent the week very well with his son. They visited hell lot of attractions in the city and made friends with their neighbors. Aaron was pretty much active than he was in their old place. But, he was yet to make friends around his age to play.On Monday morning, Adrian got up early to prepare breakfast for Aaron and himself. He could never miss having breakfast with his son. And also he was expecting the nanny he had hired for his son to arrive. The lady seemed nice on the phone so Adrian had decided to choose her.Aaron came out
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Chapter 04
Adrian was beyond shocked to know Jordan was his student. The mental note he had made to himself to keep a distance from her was down the drain. How could he even ignore her while she is his student! He will have to see for the most part of the week.His emotions ranged from slight happiness to extremely uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because she was hardly 18 and she was also his student. The idea of getting drawn to her again was not the one he fancied. He started thinking of ways not to get close to her or not to let her anywhere too close to him. If only he could control things that happen in life!When Adrian returns to the staf
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Chapter 05
The week had rolled in quickly. It was Friday already. Adrian was returning to the staffroom from his last class of the day. Even though the week had gone well, he felt a little tired. It’s only natural to get tired when you have a hectic schedule. When he reached the staffroom, Jordan caught his attention. She was talking to Matthew about some assignment.Adrian could not avoid Jordan as he had thought. Left or Right in school, they ran into one another. He was waiting for the weekend to try and forget about her.He went to his desk and placed his books. Jordan noticed him but didn’t react to it. By that time, Michael
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Chapter 06
Jordan stood in her closet, her body wrapped in just the towel. She was debating with herself about what to wear. Her mother had invited Adrian and Aaron to their home for lunch today. Jordan’s happiness and nervousness battled over the roof. She was happy to see Adrian outside the school, especially her home. She had no idea why she felt nervous. Well, she had issues, but, that didn’t matter at this moment.The last night’s phone call with Riley crosses Jordan’s mind. Her dearest friend said to Jordan to wear short clothes and seduce him. Riley was aware of Jordan’s attraction to Adrian and she was on board to support her friend’s first love to be.Read more
Chapter 07
I’m 18. Is it right for me to think about my future family! Especially with a man who is older than me for more than a decade. And also has a two-year-old son. I don’t even know if he has a wife. I have only seen him with his son. And the most inconceivable thing is, he is my teacher. God! How can you do this to me!How can I forget about him so easily! That moment when I saw him at the supermarket, my heart skipped a beat. I have never felt this way in my life. Gosh, he is so handsome. I made a mental note to tell my friend, Riley about it when she returns from Italy. Perhaps, she will help me track down this guy. That was until I saw him on the first day of school, as our new math teacher. Why does he have to be a teacher! Did
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Chapter 08
Jordan, Riley, and Michael stood in the parking lot, waiting for Adrian. Jordan had forgotten to ask for Adrian’s address.When Adrian walked near to his car, Michael and Riley moved away from there to give them some privacy. Jordan smiled at Adrian and said, “I forgot to ask your address.”The smile which Jordan gave to him, Adrian felt this girl could be his death. Riley and Michael kept staring at them. Adrian wondered if Riley had informed Jordan about his staring at her friend.Adrian gi
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Chapter 09
“Are you two official now?” Riley asked Jordan as they walked through the corridors of the school.“Something like that,” Jordan said to her.Jordan, herself didn’t know if they were. Because Adrian didn’t tell her anything about it. She hoped Adrian would talk about it today when she goes to his home. She was still in confusion about their relationship and wanted confirmation from Adrian.“I can’t believe my innocent friend just got into a relationship. With our
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Chapter 10
Jordan sat on the stairs on the fourth floor of the school, hands on her knees, palms cupping her face, eyes constantly blinking and mind aimlessly thinking. Riley stood on her left side leaning into the wall and eyes dug into her phone. Sitting next to Jordan was Michael. Bandaged right palm, sore face, and bloody inked lips.“So, what happened?” Riley asked, her eyes not leaving the phone.Michael looked at Jordan, signaling her to respond with something. She shook her head and said it’s him she is asking. They kept on with their head-shaking conversation until Riley locked her phone and gave them her full attention.She pointed at Michael, “You.”Jordan chuckled looking at Michael who was giving her the look which said I’ll make a comeback later. “You are next,” Riley said to Jordan. She swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded. They both turned towards Michael.“Just a fight,&rdq
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