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Chapter 1
“Jaz, do you see me as your sugar baby?” Summer Plath asked carefully, and there was a slight tremble in her voice.“Where did you learn how to speak such nonsense? Take off your clothes.” Jasper Miller was a little impatient already. He put down the blueprint of the wedding rings, and his head was spinning as he pointed at the wedding dress on the bed. “Put that on and let me take a look.”“Such a beautiful dress!” Summer’s huge eyes lit up. She looked like she liked the wedding dress a lot as she gently caressed it with her hands. “Stop touching it!” Jasper sounded rather annoyed as he was worried that Summer would dirty the wedding dress.Summer was so terrified that she quivered, and she immediately withdrew her hands.She trembled as she took off her clothes. She then carefully put on the wedding dress.“Vic is a little more voluptuous compared to Summer, but this dress is tight even for Summer. Were you even taking the measurements properly? Also, make some changes to the
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Chapter 2
“My name is Summer Plath… It’s the only thing I remember about myself. Can you… take me in?”The ground had been covered in snow. Back then, Summer was as shy and timid as a little rabbit looking for food in the snow. Unexpectedly, Jasper Miller took her with him, keeping her in one of his mansions located in West City.  She had been there for a year now.Everyone in Sea City knew that Jasper liked Victoria Dawn, the lady of the Dawn family. However, when Victoria had gone to Country M to further her studies, she fell in love with someone else.  It was said that Victoria did not keep in touch with Jasper at all for a few years. And Jasper was not able to let go of his love for her. He had been having one sugar baby after the other, and the women he got involved were looking more and more like Victoria.This was especially true when it came to Summer. Not only did she look like Victoria, she had also stayed by Jasper’s side the longest.“Isn’t that idiot coming down for breakf
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Chapter 3
She was sick, and she barely had the strength to breathe.Jasper had never treated Summer like a human being, and Summer knew this all too well.“Jaz, I’m really in pain. Please let me off the hook…”Summer’s breaths were becoming weaker and weaker, and she was as limp as an unstrung puppet.She was feeling extremely dizzy, and she no longer had the strength to even tremble.“I did not pay for your medical bills and keep you here in my mansion so that you can act like a rich and spoiled girl!” It was getting harder and harder for Jasper to suppress the fury inside him.He had to admit that he had always spoiled Victoria, who was a rich girl to begin with. But Summer had nothing on Victoria. She was merely an idiot who had lost her memory and identity in an accident. Aside from being able to satisfy him s*xually, she was utterly useless.“Jaz, I’ll pay you back what I owe you…” Summer was exasperated as she cried. Her only fault was that she remembered nothing.Ever since Jasper
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Chapter 4
“Jaz, please…” Summer begged for help, hugging herself tightly. She refused to let Adrian continue examining her body.She did not want any other men apart from Jasper to touch her.Jasper was the first man she saw after she had lost her memory in the accident.He had been willing to take her in, pay for her medical bills, and bring her home with him.She thought that Jasper had liked her. To her, Jasper was the God who had rescued her.“Oh my, she’s acting like a virgin.” Adrian said playfully. The longer he looked at Summer’s pale face, the more she resembled a little rabbit waiting to be slaughtered. “Little thing, I can give you whatever Jasper can, and I promise to not be a brute like him. Men are supposed to treat women well, you know…”Adrian let his hands wander all over Summer’s body as he teased her, doing much more than simply examining her.Summer was in so much pain that she gritted her teeth. Curled up, she looked like a broken toy that could shatter into pieces at
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Chapter 5
‘Who do you think you are…’Summer did not know who she was to Jasper either. Was she his sugar baby, or was she an utterly useless idiot?Before Victoria was back, Jasper was not exactly nice to her either. But every now and then, he was willing to put in a little affection. After Victoria was back, Summer, who was a replacement to begin with, had been rendered utterly useless. She should probably stay as far away from Jasper as possible.“Jaz, I want to go home…” Summer was close to tears as she said that.Jasper had promised her that he would investigate her identity and help her recall her past. He had also said that he would bring her to Sea City to look at the ocean when it snowed again the following year.“Summer, you had been seriously disobedient.” Jasper’s words were laced with threat. He tightened his grip on Summer’s wrist.Summer was so in pain that her eyes welled up with tears. She did not know what was going on as she gazed at Jasper. “Jaz…”“I’ve always thought
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Chapter 6
“Outside…”Before the shop assistant could finish speaking, the store manager anxiously ran out of his office.“Where’s that woman?” The store manager asked in a panicked tone.“She got anxious and fled just now. She’s probably a thief.” another staff member muttered softly. They were a premium luxury brand from Country M that only sold custom-made jewelry. The woman, who had fled, had an anxious expression on, and was in a very flustered state as well. She was definitely a thief.The store manager furrowed his brows and stared at the pendant he was holding for an extended period of time. “This is that rich family’s coming-of-age gift for their daughter. I’ve seen it before in a magazine.”“That rich family’s daughter? Are you referring to the one from DR Holdings in Country M? The one who was kidnapped and killed, with her dead body being dismembered?”......Summer was hiding in the storeroom of the mall. She neither knew if the pendant was worth very much nor if that jewelry
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Chapter 7
“Hello, clean the mansion until it’s spotless and get rid of everything related to Summer. I don’t want Vic to get upset when she sees something she shouldn’t after she moves in. Do you understand?”As he stood outside the rented house, Jasper gave the nanny working at the mansion at West City a call.Summer quivered. Maybe Jasper did not know that the walls of the rented house, that were made of plasterboard, were not soundproof.The cracks on her feet that were caused by the cold were causing her tremendous pain. Even though the temperature of the water was no longer high, she felt that her feet were being soaked in boiling water.“Vic, I’ll go and get you now. Are you done packing up?“Wear an extra layer of clothing okay? It’s snowing outside and it’s cold.”…..He did not expect Victoria to take the initiative to move in with him, and she was in such a hurry to do it too. Hence, Jasper was in a pretty good mood.“Tell me if there’s anything you forgot to bring. I’ll take y
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Chapter 8
“Jasper, you treat me really well…” Victoria lowered her gaze, breathing a sigh of relief.“Don’t be silly. Hurry up and go to sleep. I’ll stay right here with you.”Victoria nodded. She wrote and sent out a text message while Jasper was not paying attention and anxiously kept her cell phone in her pocket.“Summer…” In this familiar bedroom, Jasper had called out Summer’s name without being aware of it. He froze for a moment and furrowed his brows, a little annoyed.“Jasper, were you calling me just now?” Victoria asked in a puzzled manner as she came out of the bathroom. She was clad in pyjamas.“Yeah. I wanted to ask you if you’re feeling cold.” Victoria was really afraid of the cold. He had already asked the nanny to crank up the heater, but he was still worried that she would feel cold.......He was not worried about Summer, who was alone in the rented house. As well as being pregnant, Summer was sick and running a fever.“Summer, the moment you give birth to the baby, you
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Chapter 9
After Summer was done with the fluid transfusion, Adrian got changed and waited for Summer outside the ward. “Hurry up. I’ll take you out to buy a blanket and some clothes.”Summer carefully got out of bed. She was still a little afraid of Adrian and she tried to keep a distance from him. “I… I’ll pay you back for those things.”She did not want to owe anyone anything. But since Jasper did not care whether she was dead or alive, if she continued to live without those necessities, she would freeze to death.She did not care about her own life, but she had a baby to protect.“Don’t worry. I’ll ask for the money from Jasper.”Adrian was amused as he gazed at the trembling little rabbit, and he shook his head.“Do you really remember nothing? Do you still remember which direction to take to go home?” Adrian asked probingly.Summer was walking, and her body stiffened. She looked around with a lost expression and shook her head. “I’m probably not from Sea City.”She would recall some
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Chapter 10
But after some time, unless he wanted to have s*x with her, he would not show even the slightest hint of affection toward her.“This one…” Summer looked at the prices of the cell phones on the display counter and carefully pointed at the cheapest one.Adrian raised his hand to massage the space between his eyebrows. He was having a little bit of a headache.“Are you sure?” There were so many cell phones that cost a few thousand dollars. Why would she choose an outdated cell phone, which only cost around three or four hundred dollars? Was she being serious?“I… I only know how to answer calls. It would be a waste for me to get one of the more expensive ones.” Summer smiled. She was being extremely careful with her words.Adrian felt a pang in his chest. To him, Summer looked much uglier when she was smiling as compared to when she was crying.If his sugar babies were even half as obedient and mature as Summer was, he would not have avoided settling down with a woman until now...
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