30 chapters
Chapter One—A is for Another Year in Littlehell High
Sometimes, I like to just sit back and think about my last two years in high school. Know what I end up with?  A terrible concoction of cringe-worthy moments combined with embarrassing and downright stupid memories I can’t seem to remove from my brain. Being me is hard enough, now when you add people that try to painfully extract every ounce of strength and courage I can summon then you’ve got a confused teenager that is hopeless in social situations and the school’s very own clown.  That’s why I try not to think about it. Junior year was about to start and while I wasn’t particularly happy about it, I was glad to be finishing up with the torture that was high school. 
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Chapter Two—B Is For Bad Hair Days
“Taylor! Get up! It’s time for school.” My mom’s high pitched voice pierced through the fog of sleep. I ignored it thinking it was a dream. A few minutes later a huge pounding came upon my door, rattling me. “Taylor! You had better be up by the time I get back here.” When I heard her footsteps retreat out of the hall I slowly opened my eyes. My purple curtains covered my windows which saved my eyes from the stinging bright light. Leslie lay curled beside me unnerved by my mom’s ear-splitting yelling. Yawning, I removed the blanket from around me and sat up. My purple pajama shirt stuck to my bo
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Chapter Three—C is for Crewman, The Goddess of Catastrophe
Looking up at that all-too-familiar sign, the ‘Welcome Back Cougars’ written on a yellow banner that had drawings of paws on it, strung between the huge cream pillars at the entrance, feelings of dread and apprehension rooted me to the steps. I was about to enter for either another year as the reigning class clown or another year to show them that making a complete and utter fool of myself wasn’t the only thing I was versed in. I decided against the former and went in. Luckily I wasn’t too late and the first period bell hadn’t been rung yet. I went to my locker and took out the books I would need. “Good morning fair lady. How has your day been?” A smooth voice laced with a pleasant British accent inquired.
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Chapter Four — D is for Do Not Mess with Taylor Crewman
I couldn’t just stand there and be the object of everyone’s humor, so I did the same thing any girl in my position would do. To be honest, I don’t think anyone’s ever been in my position before. With tears in my eyes I ran out of the cafeteria and into the safest place in this dumb school: the bathroom. I slid down one of the stalls and buried my head in my arms sobbing. The toilet was an icky place to sit on the floor crying - even more Wood High’s disgusting own - but I didn’t care. I sat there and sobbed painful, bitter, soul-wrenching tears. I just wanted this to be a good first day, is that too
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Chapter Five — E is for Evil Plans Are My Specialty
Indiana, Andi and I were walking home.Thanks to Rea's fabulous acting skills and my 'fake' stomach ache, we got Mrs. Alderman to allow us go home before the people in the cafeteria came out and saw me."She went too far this time," muttered Indiana."She did, and Taylor retaliated." Rea gave me a high-five."I'm not still satisfied. Dumping garbage over her stuff is one thing, but I need to make sure she permanently stays off my back.""And how would you do that?" questioned Indiana as we stopped in front of Miss Brown's house.I shrugged. We all stayed quiet, every one of us thinking. After five minutes and nothing came up, I groaned."Come on Andrea, help me. You're supposed to be the scheming one."She threw her hands up."I've got nothing. Besides, you brought this up, you should have something."
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Chapter Six — F is for Fine Day to Start Trouble, ay mate?
I didn’t sleep a wink last night.I stayed up late and planned my moves.The world wants to know what makes populars popular and I’ll be the one to answer.My plan was to slowly and subtly infiltrate the world of the populars and learn first-hand what secrets they have and ultimately, how people like me in LittleWood can use it to their advantage.I hurriedly put on a brown sweater — there’s no way in all of the entire freaking solar system and beyond am I wearing white to that prison ever again — a pair of black jeans and brown ugg boots.I grabbed an apple, kissed my mom on the cheek, and dashed for school.I wanted an early start before the halls got crowded.I sat on the floor in front of my locker — good one Taylor. You are officially insane — and typed up day one of my project. I’ve never done this type
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Chapter Seven — G is for Good Riddance
Getting to school the next day I was excited to find out that my first day in school debacle had been replaced with more juicy high school gossip.Everyone's favourite power couple, Kenneth and Rebecca had broken up last night.Not that it was any of my business, but it took all my willpower not to do a happy dance in the middle of the school.It was my secret wish that something would cause them to break up soon, not because I wanted Kenneth — pfft! He and I couldn't make a good couple. Besides, he doesn't even know I exist — but because I hated Rebecca and it was nice for Little Miss Perfect to be reminded that she didn't own everybody.After normal classes we all assembled in the gym room for physical education aka the most unimportant and utterly useless subject that Satan himself gave birth to.I hated P.E!First of all, our gym uniforms were sleeveless an
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Chapter Eight — H is for How To Get Popular by Taylor Crewman
“He what!” shrieked Indiana excitedly.I rolled my eyes. Why can't I have smart friends? This is the billionth time I'm retelling this for the love of God.“He took me home a couple of hours ago.”She shrieked again, slightly upsetting her image on my laptop.“How on earth? Did he ask you out? What did he say? What did you say? Did he ask you out?” questioned Andi.“You already know the details, Andi. Besides, this isn't why I called you guys.”After I was able to calm down from the euphoria talking to Kenneth caused, I video-called the girls and told them everything.“I'm really happy for you, Taylor. And here I was thinking he didn't even know your name,” said Indy putting her hair into a ponytail.“I'm not gonna take that the way you meant it. Anyway, I
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Chapter Nine — I is for Infiltrate the Enemy. Check!
Locating Darcy's house was easy. Adding to the fact that LittleWood was a small town, we hosted the end of year party there last year.PS. It's where I ripped my swimming suit.Anyways, after my mom reluctantly drove me there, I stepped up to the front door, my bag slung over my shoulder and knocked.It was semi-big, a two-storey house painted in white, had wooden shutters and a cobblestone driveway. Beautiful lilies surrounded the entire house.The front door opened a crack and a pair of blue eyes peered out.It opened wider and Darcy's mom appeared fully. A flowery apron was wrapped around her tall, thin frame, her brown hair was tied back. Her blue eyes like Darcy's was warm and friendly.“Hello Taylor. Why, it's so nice to see you,” she spoke with a heavy French accent.Last year she insisted on learning each and everyone's names.

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Chapter Ten — J is for Journalism Led Me Here
I felt a furry object brush against my cheek and I opened my eyes. Leslie stared back at me, her blue eyes seemed to be saying 'you're late for school, you dunderhead'. I yawned and stretched. I looked beside me and found Darcy and Mindy asleep. For terrible people, these girls are a lot of fun. After making two highlighter lipsticks, we painted our nails all the while laughing at each other then had a pillow fight. Even I have to admit, they're not bad when Rebecca isn't around pulling their puppet strings. Read more Protection Status