Werewolf novels are a kind of literature which portrays werewolves and some shapeshifting men or women-beasts, involving exceptionally various genres. Werewolf novels integrating with romance, horror and other elements from modern perspectives will describe unexpected stories to enrich your reading experience. As a kind of novel taking werewolves as its main element, it will be different from normal stories’ plots and open your windows of imagination besides adding some fun to your boring life. No matter whether you know about werewolf novel series and how much you know about it, you can start here from now to enjoy a fantastic and magical journey with werewolves in stories.

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Werewolf King, Please Don't Marry Me!
Rose is a beautiful nerd with a vulgar mouth. She was blissfully living her boring life in ignorance of her family's darkest secret until the very fateful summer when she reluctantly had to go back to her hometown for some 'unknown' family crisis. Just when she thought of converting this unwanted trip into a self care vacation, she forcefully had to attend the trip to the waterfall in the middle of the forest that her brother and cousin so generously planned. Unsurprisingly, the clumsy Rose lost her way and crossed paths with a gorgeous golden-brown wolf, and to her utter shock, the majestic animal spared her life. But that wasn’t it, she had to witness the horrific fight between her uncles and the same wolf which resulted in the wolf being extremely injured and her uncles running for their lives. Feeling pity for his condition, she went to check on it only for the wolf to change into an equally gorgeous man. Our not-so-brave heroin screamed and tried to run away but being a medical student, she couldn't leave a ‘handsome' dying 'man' behind, hence she decided to treat him in private. Just when she thought the drama is over, the GORGEOUS man she so generously saved, revealed that he is the Werewolf King and also her mate? And she HAS TO MARRY HIM to protect her family! How will she react knowing about her true self? Amidst this chaos, will she ever find out the sly creature who has been playing with their lives for years? Embark on the journey to know more about Rose's nerve-wracking adventure!
Betrayed by His Mate
He was busy kissing her. Catching her breath, she took out the dagger and while he’s busy stripping her skirt. Kill. She stabbed his back. He froze as she met his eyes. He growled in pain as she pushed him hard but he grabbed her neck and throw her away. She hold the dagger tightly as she landed on her foot and knee. “You little bitch.” He growled as she raised her dagger, the tip was facing down and the sharp blade was facing him. He could feel the burn on his back as he laughed. “As I expected, you weren’t just a timid girl, Bella.” He watched those blank eyes. Like there’s no soul on it. Kill. There he heard it again as she attacked immediately and he caught her wrist the blade was near on his eyes. He gripped on it and he pinned her down on the floor as he broke her wrist in anger. She growled in pain as she released the dagger. He took it and throw it out. Now with other hand, he reached her right ear and pulled out an earpiece. He crumbled it into pieces as he growled. “Bella!” He growled. “You little traitor.” She whimpered as she tried to kneed him but his knees were on hers, completely holding her down. “Shhh!” He pressed his forehead to hers as he stared right into her eyes. “Bella, Bella. My. Mate.” She froze and stops struggling. He finally let her go as he carried her to bed. He reached her broken wrist and fixed it. Then, he put cloth around it to support it. He pulled out his phone and rang Paxton. Then, he tossed it away. “Mate,” straddled over her and reached her neck.
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