Werewolf novels are a kind of literature which portrays werewolves and some shapeshifting men or women-beasts, involving exceptionally various genres. Werewolf novels integrating with romance, horror and other elements from modern perspectives will describe unexpected stories to enrich your reading experience. As a kind of novel taking werewolves as its main element, it will be different from normal stories’ plots and open your windows of imagination besides adding some fun to your boring life. No matter whether you know about werewolf novel series and how much you know about it, you can start here from now to enjoy a fantastic and magical journey with werewolves in stories.

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Bound by the Moon
Igwe Sharonstone
He’s a ruthless, powerful, and undefeated Alpha. She’s a weak omega with no family or rights, a slave. Could the moon goddess have made a mistake? In the history of this infamous race, there has never been a divine mating between an Alpha and an Omega. Power and weakness do not mix. Aurora, an omega with no memory of her past, has done well to live quietly and hidden in a pack that merely tolerates her. Damon Bane, one of the strongest Alphas to ever grace the battlefield has returned from war. He’s to conquer a list of other alphas in battle and become the Alpha king. But first, he needs a Luna to be qualified. He has no interest in love or matrimony. So he agrees to have his Luna chosen for him. Then the unbelievable happens. Aurora, a slave and omega in the pack, is chosen for the Alpha. Aurora’s quiet life is driven into chaos when the Alpha rejects her. She has nowhere else to go. Especially with the dark secret that haunts her. Will the moon goddess’ choice make or break the Silvercrest pack? Or can Aurora prove to her Alpha what she’s worthy and melt his cold, lonely heart? And when she finds out his secret, a deep truth hidden from all, will he be able to trust her with his legacy? *** “Damn the moon goddess. Never will I bed a pathetic, little omega, or make her my Queen! She has nothing to offer and is worth less.” His eyes glowed blood red when he turned to her, his exposed fangs stamping his disgust. “If I ever set my eyes on you again, I’ll rip your throat open with my teeth and send you to the goddess.”
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