Chapter 20

Third Person's POV

Like what they are usually doing at night, Fatima is doing the dishes, Sarah is cleaning the table, and Sandro is fixing the things that he needs for tomorrow's flight.

Everyone is doing their own job and have their own world. Everyone is busy.

After they finish what they are doing, all of them sit on their sofa. They are smiling at each other like nothing happens earlier. Their smile is a proof that the quarrel that happened is already finished, and that the anger in their heart has been removed.

"I have my business meeting in Beiyora tomorrow. I will leave early since the flight is at 6am," Sandro said.

The smile on Sarah's face automatically fades. Fatima and Sandro can see the loneliness in Sarah's eyes.

"How long will you stay in Beiyora?" Sarah asked her father.

"Maybe for 2-3 days," he answered.

"That long?" Sarah asked aga

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