Chapter 28

Miss Fatima's POV

Two good news came today. The first one is that the policemen already have a lead about the sabotage that happened in my restaurant. The second one is that Sandro is already going home tomorrow. Maybe this day is not that bad as I thought. 

Me and Sarah are eating quietly. I can see that Sarah is so excited to see her father. I know that she misses Sandro very much, even her father leaves for just 2 days. She really loves her father. No wonder why Sandro loves her very much. 

I remember, in the gymnasium, she proudly said to the other woman that I am her mother. That made my heart melts. That is the second time that someone became proud of me as their relative. The first one is Sandro.

It is very heart whelming when someone is proud of you as their mother. It is a feeling that is better than the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach. I know that Sarah is not really fully adjusted

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