I was crazily looking everywhere. I searched her whole apartment twice, but nothing. I went back to her room to see what have I missed? And yes, I have missed one place to look, her closet. I opened the closet door and found her on the ground, sleeping. I sighed in relief, knowing that she's fine. I quickly dialled Iris. I knew my mother and Iris must be very worried by now.

Iris: "Tell me you found her and she's okay!"

Chris: "Yes. She is sleeping in her closet. I think she was crying and dosed off."

Iris: "Oh! Thank God she's fine."

Chris: "Tell mother and f

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Hira Baig
she's strong. she'll live
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Bella Jersey
I hope she can move forward. Some woman who survived rape it’s very hard to put the pieces together again

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