Alpha's Ruined Mate (Book1)
Alpha's Ruined Mate (Book1)
Author: Javyriah
Chapter 1

"Alpha!!! Alpha, where are you?" Someone shouted from downstairs. He winced in his bed awakening from a deep sleep. He had worked the whole night to build an alliance with Redwood Pack. He had fallen asleep just two hours prior.

"Who the fuck is here for his death?" He murmured cursing to the person who disturbed his peaceful sleep. He put the pillow on his face to not listen to the shouts of the person downstairs. But his wolf senses are sometimes fucking irritating. The voice came again.

"Alpha, Come downstairs. I am waiting for you Alpha." The man shouted again. Marcus shifted in his bed. He buried his face in the pillow. He didn't want to wake up but he lifted his body from the bed. He was sitting on the corner of his bed. Marcus broad shoulders stiffened within his toned muscular back. The muscles of his body showing the training sessions he attended. He moved his fingers in his bed ruffled hair to settle them down. He got up from the bed to walk downstairs. He will surely kill the person who disturbed his sleep. Marcus steps out of his room in his shorts. His abs are like chiselled shinning metal. The rigid muscles of his arms stiffened. The nerves pop out when he moved his hand to settle his hairs.

Marcus walks down the stairs of his packhouse to reach the main hall. He sensed the presence of his Beta. Jackson was standing near the stairs. He saw Marcus coming downstairs. He showed his white teeth smiling widely. Marcus hates his smiling. He is going to kill him if he disturbed his sleep for any small reason.

(Just kill him anyway, he is so irritating!!!) Magnus his wolf speaks in his mind.

"No, Magnus. He is my Beta. I can not do that. Don't mess with my mind." Magnus growled before settling back in his resting state. He walks down the stairs then stops on the last step.

"Jackson Markle. I warn you if there is nothing important and you just disturbed me for no reason. I am going to kill you then roast your body. I will give it to the hungry rouges who will eat it." He warned him. Jackson shivered looking at the storms in his eyes. His face changed into serious but then he giggled.

"Alpha, I thought you will just rip my head off then play basketball with it." He said to him. Marcus facepalmed himself. He clutched his hands in fists then look at the dumbass standing in front of him. A cloud of anger was covering his body. Who the hell on earth chose him as his Beta?

(It was you dumbass.) Magnus said in his head. Magnus never left any chance to humiliate him.

"Just shut up. Magnus." He growled at his wolf. He was deep in his own thoughts that he didn't notice his beta pouting. Jackson sniffed. Marcus then saw towards his pouting face. He arched his eyebrow in a questioning manner.

"Alpha, I just cracked a joke. Isn't it funny?" He looks towards Marcus then pouted.

"Jackson, Please. I am so tired to just stand here listening to your shit. Just spit. What is it?" He said. A serious expression covering his face. Jackson gets the hint that if he will mess more with Marcus. Marcus will shift then they both will be outside on the ground. He will be in the hospital for a day or two. So, he giggled internally then look towards him. Marcus was ruffling his fingers in his hair. It's his most favourite habit.

"Alpha, we found that boy." He said seriously. Marcus's eyes suddenly look towards him. All his body in an attention mood. All his sleep fade away. Marcus looks towards Jackson then sneered. A glimpse of evil come upon his face.

"Where is he?" He asked Jackson. His eyes were red with anger. 

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Lisa Smith
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Brenda Vega
is there a way to turn it to page turning instead of paging down all the time?

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