Chapter 35

The Black Thunder pack that was resonating with the cheerful chaos of happy souls. It was shining with the bright lights of joy that were making its pack member faces happy with smiles. The satisfaction on their Alpha's face was glee. The members were happy for their Alpha and Luna. The happiness was reverberating in all the pack. 

But they never expected that it will be abolished like this, it is all gone. Isabey was still standing at her place shocked. She knew Louis conquered so many packs but she has never seen the attacks. For the first time, she has seen such destruction. The rogues are inhuman. They don't have hearts they are monsters who don't see what they are killing. It is just killing in their nature they have wrecked all the pack. 

It is all destroyed. The cheerful howls convert into tha painful cries. The land of happiness is bathed in bloo

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Donna Conley
I don’t have Instagram
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Brandi Marshall
book 2 is out and called The Alpha's Ruined Mate (The Revenge) it's on Dream
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Anita Holman
Don't know what to think of this story. On one hand I want Isabey en Marcus to be together on the other hand Marcus and Rose....not good...not at all good. Marcus is not deserving Isabey by that action. But in the end the Mate bond is holley. So I do wish them both a happy ending in book 2. Soon....

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