Alpha's Ruined Mate (Book1)

Alpha's Ruined Mate (Book1)

By:  Javyriah  Completed
Language: English
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He was running very wildly dodging the branches, trees and sharp stones on the way his black shinning fur was waving with the cold air, his canines elongated, Alpha was grunting and grumbling running behind a wolf that was running in front in high speed, it was his violet eyes that was shining bright in the night... the anger was evident in his eyes, it felt that he will the wolf running in front... he was going to tangle the wolf but the wolf with brown fur stopped at the end of a cliff. The wolf turned around to see the black one, his muzzle was high, his eyes shining bright it felt he smirked looking at the brown wolf... the black wolf move towards the brown one, he took one step backward then he shifted into a boy with brown hairs, light blue eyes, and shinning white muscular body... "Alpha!!! let me go... I will never do the same mistake again, Please," the boy said looking in the eyes of the black wolf.The wolf moves ahead towards the boy growling loudly showing his sharp canines, the wolf was going to jump on the boy when he listened to some moment behind him in the bushes..."Alpha let him go!!! my brother didn't do anything!!! It was me who stoled the proofs," a girl's voice came from behind.The wolf ear perked upwards, he turned around to see a beautiful girl standing behind him, his nose smelled the air to find a very pleasant smell...(Marcus she is our mate!!!) Alpha Marcus wolf mumbled in his mind, his wolf Magnus eyes scanning the girl in front of him...

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35 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Alpha!!! Alpha, where are you?" Someone shouted from downstairs. He winced in his bed awakening from a deep sleep. He had worked the whole night to build an alliance with Redwood Pack. He had fallen asleep just two hours prior."Who the fuck is here for his death?" He murmured cursing to the person who disturbed his peaceful sleep. He put the pillow on his face to not listen to the shouts of the person downstairs. But his wolf senses are sometimes fucking irritating. The voice came again."Alpha, Come downstairs. I am waiting for you Alpha." The man shouted again. Marcus shifted in his bed. He buried his face in the pillow. He didn't want to wake up but he lifted his body from the bed. He was sitting on the corner of his bed. Marcus broad shoulders stiffened within his toned muscular back. The muscles of his body showing the training sessions he attended. He moved his fingers in his bed ruffled hair to settle them down. He got up from the bed to walk downstairs. He will surely kill th
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Chapter 2
"Alpha, he is in the underground dungeons. We tied him in silver chains so he didn't try to run away. Also, he is denying that he didn't do anything." Jackson informed him. He smirked mischievously. He then said."Did he tell anything about the papers? Where are the papers?" He asked from his Beta."Alpha, he said that he didn't do anything. He doesn't have any papers with him. We searched all his body." He further informed."He will accept all his actions. Just beat the shit out of him then let him run away in the night." He said to Jackson. Jackson saw his Alpha in the confusion that why he wants the boy to run away!!! Marcus added another sentence that clear the confusion of his beta."When he is out just inform me. " He said in an evil tone."But Alpha, he will..." Jackson was going to say something but then his eyes saw the aura of his Alpha. All the hairs on Jackson's body stand up. A layer of fear covered his body. He knows this look on his face!!! The boy will be dead soon..."
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Chapter 3
Marcus became the Alpha of his pack when he was nineteen. He was the son of an Alpha so his father was the one who gave him the pack to handle. Marcus' parents left the pack long ago for long vacations. No one knows where they are!!! When will they come back? Marcus has so many responsibilities on his shoulders. He almost works all the time in his office. For twice a week he patrols the pack borders by himself.He trains the young wolves that are his warriors. He also spent time with his pack members. Other than that the Beta and Delta both see all the matters of pack.Marcus handles the office work and the deals with his allies. The beta Jackson is his best friend whom he trusts the most. Jackson is like his younger brother who always annoys him. But he loves Jackson so much!!! Because Jackson is alone in this world... His parents died in a rouge attack when he was little. After that Marcus father took him in his embrace. He loved both of them equallay. Marcus always loved him like hi
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Chapter 4
They were so deep in fight growling and grumbling on the ground. The Delta walkout from the packhouse towards them. He is Jason. The third in command of the pack. He was watching both of them with a bored expression. It's their usually boring fight."Alpha, Beta... Listen to me." HE shouted. They didn't hear him. He again said. "Alpha!" But no one paid attention to him."Alpha, Beta!!! I am trying to connect with both of you. There is a huge problem."Jason said in a loud booming voice. His face was laced with worry. He was watching both of them tangling and biting each other. Now, they both heard him. Both of their wolves' ears perked up. They shifted back to their human self shouting at Jason. "What?" They both shouted in unison. Jason's eyes widen looking at both of them. He gulped then said."Alpha. I sent Jack to you to inform you. Jackson didn't tell you about the problem?" He asked Marcus. Marcus looks towards Jackson in confusion. Jack bit his tongue, he showed his white teet
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Chapter 5
Reuben didn't stop. He was just running wildly in one direction. Suddenly he felt a presence. A very strong presence so near to him. A layer of fear covered his body when he saw the Beta chasing him closely."Just stop right now... You will be treated a bit well if not I will rip your heart. As I got my hands on you!!!" The Beta warned him through the mind link. But Reuben didn't stop."No, way!!! I will not stop at any cost." Reuben stated back. He just has to find a way to inform his sister about him. He has to focus on escaping. But he has to send a message to his sister so she can save him. So, he tried to connect to his uncle. Uncle Tom was waiting for him to come out of the pack. So they both can get away from the pack with the papers. Their plan was perfect. Robert came in the pack as a loner wolf then made his place in the kitchens of the pack. He observed everything about the pack. He thought to steal the blueprint papers turning off the security sirens and cameras. After stea
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Chapter 6
Reuben was waiting for his death in the dungeons. The smell of dead bodies and the blood was making him sick. He wanted to puke. He was tied in silver chains that were cutting his skin. He was all bare just with shorts on his body. Reuben's hands were tied and he hanging in the chains upside down. They beat him without any break for hours that caused his wolf to weaken, he was not healed yet. The door to the dungeons opened revealing a smirking Jackson. A shiver runs down his spine. He is dead now... He stares at him for some time then walks towards him like a hungry predator. Jackson's eyes were shining golden which means it's his wolf in charge of his body. "So, boy!!! Now you will tell me the truth in straightway? Or you want me to beat the shit out of you? I will be so gentle if you tell me the truth. Bt if you don't... I will tell you who you messed with!!!" Jackson said growling like a monster. Reuben's eyes lit with a bit of anxiety then he hid it. He growled back at Jackson.
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Chapter 7
Reuben heard their conversation clearly. He waited for the guards to move away from the door. He heard them going away... When it was only silence outside. Reuben pushed the door with a little force. He wondered that it opened with a thud. Reuben's face lit up looking the door opened. He gets out of the door.The dark deep forest at night was heart-wrenching. A fear covered his body when he felt a cold air brushed against his body. Reuben thinks about nothing... He just shifted in his wolf form running towards the forest. He was running wildly. He thought that he will cross the boundaries without anyone noticing him. Reuben crossed the boundaries by the north side when he felt a presence behind him. He turned his head back to saw violet golden eyes. A shiver runs down his spine.Alpha!!! He speeds up but he knew he will not make it...Marcus saw the boy was in his wolf form running out from the boundaries. Marcus was waiting for him to get out of the dungeons. It was his plan. Alpha wa
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Chapter 8
Isabey can not afford to lose her only family. She has to get there as soon as possible... It was not her plan to get caught by those hungry wolves. But Reuben was captured by them! She didn't know!!! How? Her plan didn't work this time?It is for the first time when they get caught by a pack... She gritted her teeth. She will not let her plan fail like this... It has to work!!! She has to save her brother then search the papers from the southside. She will get away from here forever... She will not get back here soon... But she will come to see this pack rot in the hell, No one can lay a finger on her brother. These wolves beat Reuben!!! She felt the pain of her brother. Isabey will make sure they all get killed by..."Motherfu****s." She mumbled a few curses. The words rolled out from her tongue as she is so proficient in the art of cursing.After getting away from here Isabey will live peacefully. She was running fast. she felt It... Yes, she is near the pack borders. Isabey stopped
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Chapter 9
"Isabey, we can not leave Reuben here... Also, we have found our mate. He is our mate!!! I love his scent." Her wolf Lucy jumped in the excitement in her mind. Isabey rolled her eyes at Lucy. "Shut up, Lucy!!!" She almost shouted. Lucy gets back crawling in her mind. Isabey has to do something... She has to make her presence notice by him!!! So she made a loud movement sound. She saw the wolf stopped for a second... She shouted. "Alpha let him go!!! My brother didn't do anything!!! It was me who stole the papers." She said without thinking. Isabey eyes were scanning the posture of the huge black wolf.The wolf ears perked up. He turned around towards Isabey. She saw the surprise in his eyes. The wolf sniffed the air. He knew it!!! Isabey's heart dropped a little but she made a tough face. She can not lose her self!!! It is not going to happen. The wolf growled loudly his violet golden eyes never leaving the sight of her. Isabey's eyes were glued to the wolf if he would do any wrong m
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Chapter 10
"Fuck!!!" He muttered. Marcus turned around towards Reuben. He was standing there froze with wide eyes like he saw some ghosts. He was glaring between his sister and Alpha!!! Alpha eyes turned in golden for some time, he is mind linking someone... He moved towards Reuben grabbing him by the collar. He dragged him towards the girl. He let him stand beside his sister."You both will be punished for what you have done. I can not let traitors go away like this... But for now... Just be thankful that I am not killing you." He snarled at their faces. Marcus saw both of their faces covered in fear. He smirked. "Jackson will be here in some time. He will get you back to pack. Don't try to do any sharp moves. I have your sister with me. If you try to do anything... I will rip her head off!!!" He warned staring at Reuben's face. Reuben's eyes saw his face to find any doubt in his words. But there was not an expression that can express that he is lying about his outburst. So, Reuben nodded his h
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