Chapter 34

Isabey eyes roam on the most dangerous eyes that were burning red with fire. So, they entered inside the pack boundaries. The warriors will all be dead till now... No one is safe in this pack. No one!!! Her body shook with fear that this pack is going to be destroyed in a few minutes... The happy faces with cheerful smiles of the pack members will be changed into painful cries. The beautiful surrounding will be changed into the burning ashes. Isabey was frozen at her place, Reuben saw her sister face getting pale. He saw towards the direction of her stare. Reuben saw the red eyes covering all the surroundings of the pack grounds. Reuben's eyes widen in shock... He was standing beside Jason but he was unable to speak a word. 

"I Alpha Marcus black of the Black Thunder Pack gathered all my pack members here to announce two good news," Marcus said smiling. 

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