"What do you mean?" Kristopher had no idea what was she talking about and his heart was beating in his ears, loud and clear.

"The scent, Kristopher," she said to which he acted to play dumb.

"What scent? What are you even doing here?" he asked trying to change the subject.

Kristopher was a tall guy and Amelia was looking nothing but a small little lamb in front of him. And the way she was looking at him, just like a small kid looks at his or her parents if they want something.

"You see the thing is... I came here to thank you but when asking for you in the reception I heard people gossiping and talking about the boss.. and I smelled the same scent coming from the man.. it was the same scent I breathe in the club where I got fainted when Richard and Van Dough were going to sell me," she explained every little thing in detail.

"Okay, so... you are talking about me?" he asked, his both brows raised.

"Was it you?" she asked to which he gave a lo

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