Mafia And His Broken Angel
Mafia And His Broken Angel
Author: LostpuppyJS

Chapter 1 - Sapphire!

Sapphire's POV :

I came to the club with my friend Bella; to say she's angry at her boyfriend is an understatement because she's beyond livid. We came to the club more like I was dragged along in hopes of finding her a new guy and dump him by the end of the night.

Unfortunately, she bumped into her on and off boyfriend James and the poor guy was trying hard to make up to her and repeatedly apologizing for gambling for once again without telling her but she wasn't having it.

He promised Bella that he'll never make another mistake and he begged her to give him a chance. He told her that he got instigated by his friends and which had led him to make the foolish decision to gamble. Now receive your girl's wrath! when it comes to James, Bella was way too serious and if James did anything bad then she turned into his nightmare. Uh-Oh.

Though Bella was my friend, she's the closest thing I had to a best friend, I almost felt bad for poor James but he had it coming. Bella, she loved him very much that it hurt when she saw him gambling his life away unknowingly. They had been together for 3 years. James also loved

Bella and they never once cheated on each other and that's a good thing, but James's gambling addiction is seriously putting a strain on their in their relationship.

Bella told me to wait for her where we sat informing me that she'll be done in 10 minutes. I was such an idiot for believing her. Gazing at my wristwatch every 5 minutes I sighed, annoyed because it's already been 1 hour 30 minutes. The most troublesome couple I know must have already made up and now they would be all lovey-dovey with each other somewhere, I guess.

Bella couldn't be mad at James for too long. But I was pissed off because she left me trapped in an uncomfortable place I absolutely detested. I was not only angry, but was bored out of my mind sitting all alone with my drink as my only companion. Moreover, I was drinking Club Soda I am what you might call a lightweight because I can't hold in liquor. 2 shots of vodka or tequila can turn me into a crazy drunk.

If I knew that they were to meet like this and leave me alone to wait here like the fool I was, I would never have stepped foot out of my home. I didn't like clubbing nor did I like partying.

She dragged me here to accompany her and practically pleaded with me nearly crying. Now see, she was nowhere to be found. I was still angry no-screw that I'm annoyed though I understand her. Geez... Bella... Next time I am gonna beat her worse if she asks me to go anywhere with her ever again and continuously remind her of this dreadful night.

Three guys were looking over at me I could feel their pervert like gazes on me. It was disgusting. I texted Bella that I was leaving; I couldn't stay anymore. I drowned the rest of my drink and got up from the seat I previously occupied, picking up my purse from the table.

I saw many men and women who were dancing really provocatively on each other all over the dance floor. I walked out sighing like I was the whole time inside the club. Since my holiday night had definitely been wasted because of my dear best friend Bella that Bitch.

"Wanna hang out with us sexy? You seemed lonely in there. Come with us, all three of us we'll give you a memorable night to remember for the rest of your life, darling." A lousy looking guy came close to me invading what I call my personal bubble winking his already bloodshot eyes with mischief dancing in them.

I tried to walk around him to avoid anything that was to come in the next few seconds, but he decided to block my way. He was one of those three boys, he was tall and lanky. The other two behind him also came forward and laughing evilly along with him. I tired, irritated, and not to mention pissed to no end.

I refused them politely and continue walking, in front of the club, parked sleek black Lamborghini. I came here along with Bella and now I'm leaving by myself. I decided to take a taxi beside this awful tight dress that was very uncomfortable was making me wish to get home quickly to take it off and hopefully burn it. I was wearing a skin-tight light pink crop top with spaghetti straps and a navy blue shorts. I wanted to go home like right now.

Suddenly, I felt a disgusting clammy palm squeeze my waist. Those guys from earlier, I almost forgot about them.

"Playing hard to get, chick? You and I both know that you want it too, let's go and have lots of fun. We are really good performers in bed." Said the short yet buff looking one with the bald head shining under the Lamppost.

Now I was furious, I clenched my fists inhaling and exhaling as I told myself to do whenever I got into a situation such as this "Get your hand off me and fuck off! otherwise you three won't be able to recognize yourself tomorrow!" I voiced with a deadly calm tone smiling mischievously.

He laughed. "Oh, is that so? We can't wait for it then. What are you going to do chick? You're quite the feisty one and we like them feisty. We will make sure you remember our dicks thoroughly." The bald guy says with a smirk, then he pulled my wrist to him but I quickly acted and pushed him back.

I punched him hard in his jaw and then punched in his gut twice; he let out a loud yelp. The other two were startled for a moment for a second they were at their wit's end what will they do.

One came forward to attack me saying, "Bitch!", I then kicked him in his chest and then at his face. He spat out one of his fallen tooth and blood on the ground.

"Oh, my bad."

I smiled contentedly, the third one pulled my hair and slapped me hard. My cheek stung, but composed myself fast before punching him in his face as I freed myself and kicked him in the face. Some bystanders were around staring and whispering. A girl was being harassed by three grown-up men and these useless individuals were just watching and never came forward to help. Now they were fucking staring at me.

"Don't ever think a girl alone is weak. Do you need any more lessons?!" I shouted at them.

They nodded their heads, then the security guard also came and apologized. He called the manager and he informed the police, I called a taxi and got home.

What an eventful night it was!

Did I introduce myself?

I am Sapphire Atkinson. I am 20 years old and 5'5" and I am a black belt holder in Karate. Everyone calls me Little Ronda, Lady Rambo, the Iron Lady and so on.

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Akshita Mondal
Sapphire is a lady.?
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Bella Jersey
Oh yes love her love her
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Christine Sands
2 shots of vodka and tequila would turn MOST people into a crazy drunk! ????

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