Chapter 59 - Epilogue

Seven years later, "Mom, I have drawn this." Alice, Sapphire's seven years old daughter showed her the picture she painted.

"Wow, honey, it's beautiful." Sapphire complimented.

"Baby, have you completed your home task yet?" She asked.

"Yes, mom. Mom, you know I have obtained 100% in my class test. See." Alice showed her the test report.

"Wow, darling. It's incredible. Let mama give you a kiss." Sapphire leaned carefully and kissed Alice's both cheeks. She was pregnant of four months.

Alice giggled when Sapphire tickled her.

"Oh, mommy, it tickles." She laughed.

"Mom, you know, I told my friends about you that you are a scientis. They all said that you are so cool." Alice announced in a proud voice. Sapphire couldn't help laughing.

She couldn't pronounce scientist. So she spelled it as 'scientis'.

"What is a scientist, baby?

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Mike Okoro
well I love this book. over enjoyed it as well. thank you for this beautiful piss of work.
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Patrina Jones Rich
Really a great story.
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what a very short and wonderful novel

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