Mafia And His Broken Angel

Mafia And His Broken Angel

By:  LostpuppyJS  Completed
Language: English
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(Warning: This book contains 18+ contents)"Angel, you are mine to break, mine to heal. Nothing can save you from me but me." He said like a maniac."A broken thing which is beyond repair can't be healed, but only can be crushed." She let out a humorless laugh.She was hurt, damaged. But never lost her belief in God. Hard life compelled her to become strong. She is extremely stubborn. But, same time she was selfless and innocent like an angel. Deep inside her, she was a pure soul craving for true love.But he was intimidating, ruthless. Kindness was a foreign word to him. His world revolves around Cruelty, Violence, Bloodshed. He gets whatever he wants. Love was a valueless emotion to him that only makes people weak. He likes when people fear him and when people beg for his mercy. He trusts none and gives betrayers worse punishments than death.What will happen when mafia, the devil will meet with this broken angel? Their path will be hard, craggy. Will he break her more than she is or heal her???

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default avatar
Ash C
Really good read
2023-07-21 06:39:02
user avatar
Kara D Shylla
good one ......
2023-01-08 04:29:49
user avatar
after lucifer and camelia's love story this is my second book of reading . awesome as the journey when i read it..lots of love for author
2022-12-13 01:07:34
user avatar
Awesome book
2022-09-03 20:59:52
user avatar
Queen Harvey
A very good read!
2022-03-21 03:22:32
user avatar
Jyotika Mewara
fabulous and interesting book
2022-02-02 00:49:18
user avatar
shubhata jha
the best book ever! loved every bit of thx book! every chp was amazing! glad I gave a chance to thx fabulous book! ......️...️
2021-08-14 20:29:55
user avatar
Debbie Roldan
2021-08-02 12:41:46
user avatar
Great story!!! So great I finish it in three day!!! Sapphire is a person if in the real would have jumped leaps and bounds that some couldn't do. Alexander still stayed a mafia king and also remain an husband, father and a businessman, most of all kept his family safe! Good writing to. the author!
2021-07-26 14:19:19
user avatar
Loved reading Keep up the good work
2021-07-26 11:31:17
user avatar
super! I couldn't stop reading!
2021-07-23 21:03:59
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Dassy Wengu
Awesome story
2021-07-21 05:00:00
default avatar
Shi Nelz
Love it!!!!
2021-07-14 13:45:09
default avatar
Vicky-lee Abreu
Cool story
2021-06-18 02:44:06
default avatar
Debbie Aboulfath
Loved how two people could come together after so much pain and tragedy. Actually bought the book to finish. Loved it!
2021-06-17 00:59:26
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59 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Sapphire!
Sapphire's POV :I came to the club with my friend Bella; to say she's angry at her boyfriend is an understatement because she's beyond livid. We came to the club more like I was dragged along in hopes of finding her a new guy and dump him by the end of the night.Unfortunately, she bumped into her on and off boyfriend James and the poor guy was trying hard to make up to her and repeatedly apologizing for gambling for once again without telling her but she wasn't having it.He promised Bella that he'll never make another mistake and he begged her to give him a chance. He told her that he got instigated by his friends and which had led him to make the foolish decision to gamble. Now receive your girl's wrath! when it comes to James, Bella was way too serious and if James did anything bad then she turned into his nightmare. Uh-Oh.Though Bella was my friend, she's the closest thing I had to a best friend, I almo
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Chapter 2 - Meeting With The DEVIL!
Alexander's POV:I had everything that I desires for; nothing I wanted or own can got past my grasp. Shallow women threw themselves at my feet. But I could not understand what was wrong with me? Since yesterday, I couldn't get that 'Little Tigress' out of my head, this was vastly rare for me to think about someone nonstop. No one had ever occupied my thoughts like this before, I was getting annoyed. WHO THE HELL IS SHE! HOW DARE SHE APPEAR CONTINUOUSLY IN MY MIND!I was sitting in my car which was parked right outside of one of my well known Night Club, waiting for a bastard named Louis Holt. That mongrel was supposed to die today.How dare him to demand more money after agreeing to take a double amount of the current price of his land? He already gave me word that he wouldn't demand more. I could take this land easily without giving a proper price. But I agreed to pay him in twofold the p
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Chapter 3 - Still Hunts Me!
Sapphire's POV:"Little brat, come here." He said smirking devilishly. "No. no. no. Don't come near me." I started crying. "I am like your papa, your new papa. Come to me let this papa touch you and pleasure you." He tried to grab my t-shirt but I ran as quick as my little legs could. "Why are you doing this? Please stay away! You are not my papa and papas don't touch their daughters like this!" I cried when he caught up to me. "Why? Why? I know you also want this like your slutty mother. Don't you see how she gets her pussy fucked by me every night and day in front of you? I think you also love some. Second papas can do this much." He grabbed my arm and tried to pull my pants down. His loud, cruel laughter echoed in the room. "NO! NO! NO
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Chapter 4 - Prank Or Seriously!
Sapphire's POV:I got up in the morning and went for a short jog. After returning home, I did karate work out. Punching and kicking continuously the punching bag, I felt a feral satisfaction. Might be, I was imagining the punching bag as someone. The knuckle of my right hand was throbbing a little bit.I had breakfast and got ready for University. I opened my door to get out and see a huge bouquet of beautiful red roses. A smile automatically formed on my lips. Then I noticed that there was a small note on the side of the bouquet. "For My Beautiful Angel and Tigress, hope this won't be rejected like my calls and text messages. Even if you intend to reject don't do it because I won't accept it. Have a wonderful day, My Love."I rolled my eyes. What the hell! Who was this person? I was a bit happy to see the beautiful bouquet but the note ruined that little happiness. Cree
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Chapter 5 - Angel Meets Devil!
Sapphire's POV:Today morning I didn't to go to university, as I was about to meet my psychiatrist. I knew her well so I called her and asked her personally for an appointment. She was a close friend of my late father. I walked to the front door and opened it to see if there was any bouquet. No bouquet. Good, that stalker has finally stopped bothering. I smiled in victory, my note did the trick. I did my daily morning hyginene and took a bus to the clinic. In her chamber, "Hello, Sapphire. How are you? My doctor, Dr. Nethrabarhi asked me smiling. "Hi. I am not actually very fine, you can see. This is why I am here." I replied honestly. "What's wrong? As I think you are here after almost a year and a half. " She mentioned. "Yeah, my problem has recurred, " I responded looking at the paperweight of her table. "Will you give me your history file
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Chapter 6 - Who Was That Boy?
Sapphire's POV:I opened the door and found a lady standing with many small gift boxes and a big box. She seemed to be in early thirty. "Hello. Are you Sapphire Atkinson? She smiled. "Yes. Who are you?" I asked, frowning. "I am from 'Little Hope' orphanage. I am sent by Mrs. Moore. Today we are giving all our donors surprise gifts as our gratitude. These gifts are made by children and food was made by our head cook." She described. "But Mrs. Moore didn't say anything." I stopped her finding this kinda awkward and strange. The first time in history, any orphanage sent gifts directly to donors! "Mam, It's a surprise made for you to appreciate your help. Mrs. Moore and the children will be happy if you take it."Sorry but even though it sounded sweet, I didn't trust her and so didn't allow her to come in right away. "Mam. You ca
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Chapter 7 - Behave Like A Real Man!
Third Person's POV:After leaving Sapphire's apartment, Alexander got into his car to his penthouse. He was a ruthless man, cruel creature. He never cared for anyone.Watching people begging was nothing new to him. But he didn't understand why he was feeling restless all of a sudden. It was not new that people pleaded before him to stop, cried for mercy. But he never did. He frowned deep thinking about Sapphire's state.Apart from her being scared, begging to stop, he sensed something unusual. This strong girl was overly panicked. Her reaction was something more than scared.He tortured many people, killed many but had never forced any girl. Every time he closed his eyes, he could see the tear-stained face of his angel.Recalling the memory with her, he couldn't help feeling guilty. And this was the first time in his life, he was feeling guilty. He was getting... Guilt!!!Ruthless A
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Chapter 8 - Am I In A Relationship?
  Sapphire's POV:   I came out of my apartment building and saw a car.   Ohh it was Nathan's.   He waved at me and I got into the car.   "Good morning. How are you, princess?" he said.   "Good morning. I am fine. You are here?" I asked   "Actually from now on, every day I will be here, to take you to your university. "   "It won't be necessary. " I added.   "It will give me pleasure. Don't say no." He made puppy eyes.   Smiling at him I looked before. In the side mirror, I saw a car following us.   After 15 minutes we reached.   "Baby, today I won't be able to pick you up after school. I have a small business meeting, " he said sighing.   "It's okay. I can go myself. "  
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Chapter 9 - Be A Bitch To Everyone!
Sapphire went to her apartment and retired her tired body in bed not bothering with showering or eating. She got a new phone through delivery and a new SIM card. She then called her uncle Frederick. She told her about how a notorious mafia named Alexander Rodriguez was chasing her and what he had done to Nathan. Mr. Frederick was surprised to know about Alexander Rodriguez. He knew they were ruthless and Alexander was way more ruthless, crueler than his father Davon Rodriguez. He was very hurt when he got to know his nephew Nathan was hurt by Alexander and Sapphire was constantly threatened by him, he couldn't help feeling helpless. He was childless. He loved them as his children. "Uncle, I have made up my mind. I am going to Australia from here." Sapphire's statement surprised this old man. "What are you saying child? Where will you stay there? And what abou
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Chapter 10 - Naive Bird Is Flying!
Third Person's POV:Sapphire felt like a free bird. She shifted to her apartment. Already got admitted into a new university, where she wanted to study microbiology. She came to Sydney kinda without anything. Just her money, passport, some necessary documents, and medical file. Her one-room studio apartment was cozy. She bought a mattress, a table, a chair for her. She decided not to make any friend anymore. It hurt when she had to cut all her ties. She contacted her uncle that she was alright and everything was fine. As she didn't have any refrigerator, it was quite difficult for her to preserve food. Most of the time she cooked instant food or ordered food. A month slowly passed by. She got her room in the university dorm sooner than she thought. She had to share the room with another student. The Dorm cafeteria food was q
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