Chapter 28 - War Between Hatred And Love!

Alexander's POV:

Why did you spoil every possibility of love between us? I can't pull you near me even if I try, my memories recall those incidents. You have killed me and all my abilities to love someone in my life. You have scarred my mind and soul forever.

When I listened to her saying those words, I felt like killing myself. My heart clenched painfully. Never in my life, had I regretted any of my doings, whether right or wrong. But what I had done to my angel was not only unforgivable; it was too painful for her. I was ashamed of myself. Even after many months, she couldn't get out of that incident. I was the worst kind of human being. How could I do that to her, my angel? If I could reverse the time, I would go back and start everything between us over.

Which is never possible in reality.

But I will change the reality with my love. If she hates me, then I will love her so much, so much that her hatred will t

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Christine Sands
Okay now he's just spouting out BULLSHIT! His existence is NOT the essence of cruelty, he had a happy childhood. He's cruel because he wants to be! Maybe his dad didn't hug him that much but hey neither did mines! In truth, Her existence is the evidence of cruelty!

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