Chapter 31 - I Have Nothing Except My Heart!

Sapphire's POV:

I felt so bored.

I had nothing particular to do. I just got up, ate foods, pooped and slept and again repeated the damn process.

I meant now it's too much. I was a girl who just turned 21; I wanted to do many things. Not just to sit and eat while caged in a mansion.

Maids also didn't talk to me very much without necessity. Sometimes I felt suffocated, always alone.

I got up and reached downstairs to have my breakfast. Alexander was gone early. He didn't even tell me yesterday.

He was a selfish man. Really a selfish man. He wanted to have me all to himself, isolating me from the world.

Couldn't he understand that I too felt bad, I too felt alone?

Or God, is it you who always want to me stay alone?

I wanted to talk to somebody.

I had my breakfast and decided to peep inside the kitchen.

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