Chapter 56 - Death!

Alexander's POV:

I turned behind hearing Sapphire's loud scream.

She came before me and gave me a hard push; I literally stumbled in the left side.

Before I could understand anything, a bullet hit her body and she fell on the floor.

I never heard the gunshot; I saw a Russian was targeting me. He was pointing a silencer gun at me.

I shot him immediately and my eyes darted on Sapphire. She took the bullet to save me.

"Angel! Angel!" I screamed, patting her cheeks.

"A-Alexander-r, I love you-u. P-please d-don't f-forget m-me a-after my d-death." She couldn't talk clearly; she was feeling difficulty to breathe.

She shakily tried to stretch up her hand to touch me but couldn't either. Her hand fell on the side limply. Her eyes were droopy.

"D-don't close your eyes, Sapphire. Don't you dare close your eyes on me! Stay with me!" I

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Fortino Arellano
this was so emotional I'm so sexy

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