Chapter 58 - Little Angel!

Third Person's POV:

"Huuuuuh. I k-knew it. I knew it. Now that I am fat, you don't love me anymore." Sapphire cried in the bed.

Tonight, Sapphire took initiative to have sex. She wore a flimsy almost transparent night gown and came to the bed. Straddling Alexander, she kissed him with urgent need. She was crying because Alexander didn't have sex with her frequently nowadays.

He was afraid that he might hurt her and their child.

Because of her pregnancy hormones, she was overly emotional and horny. It never happened before but after pregnancy, she often initiated their sex.

"Huhuhuuhu." She sniffed burying her face on her palms.

Alexander was used to her mood swings and tantrums lately. She passed her first trimester and was five months pregnant already.

Her belly grew big and it showed.

Alexander sighed and turned to her.


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