Make You Mine (Hermosa Beach Series #2)
Make You Mine (Hermosa Beach Series #2)
Author: Fantastic Yeoja

“I would never marry that man!” I yelled at my mother who followed me to my room after walking out of that dinner. I should’ve known that it was a formal dinner for a reason!

Mom was looking so angry at me for walking out on a dinner that was meant to be the future of our company. I know about that. I believe that my parents are thinking futuristically when it comes to our company that it makes them do some stupid stuff to push me to the limit.

“You have ruined the dinner! It was very important, Darren!” She was fuming as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

I rolled my eyes and walked inside my room, waiting for her to come follow me before I answer her back. I want my door locked before I could speak. The guests, the Francos, are still downstairs with my dad. I know that if I shout back from here, they would hear it.

I bet they have already heard our heated conversations when I walked out.

Mom got inside my room and shut the door with a loud slam! Damn! So much for making the guests feel a bit welcomed from me. She faced me with her angriest expression I have ever seen in my whole life.

Her wrinkles have been more defined with the way she gazed at me. Her lips were pursed in a thin line and I can see it from here.

“You did not just walk out on the dinner that would define the future of our company!” She exasperated while pointing towards the door.

I bit my lip and rolled my eyes. “It was the future of your company. Not mine!” I shot back.

Her jaw ticked. “How dare you say that, Darren! That company was what kept you sheltered, clothed and satisfied for all of your life! It was the reason why you got into a prestigious school! It was the reason why you drive your own car! So you don’t have the right to tell me that it was not yours because you benefitted from that too!”

The frustrated and fury in her tone didn’t go unnoticed. She was shouting at me. And I couldn’t do anything but clench my fists when I heard what she just said. She might be right. No, she really is right. That company was the one who kept us alive all through the years.

That advertising company was built by my great grandparents and was passed on from generations to generations. My dad holds the company now while my mom had been his adviser. Everyone in the family had thought that I would inherit our business. No. I wouldn’t. I don’t have anything to do with business. I want to be a chef. I’m not studying culinary arts for nothing.

“And don’t you dare talk back to me! I am your mother! You do as I told!”

That, I couldn’t handle.

“You are my mother but you don’t own me!” I countered.

All of my life, they have been telling me that I own my life and I should do what I want in life. I should always choose to be with the choices that my heart desires. Thus, I couldn’t marry anyone just for a freaking future of a fucking company. No. Not even my family’s business.

Mom’s jaw dropped at my counterattack. She must have not seen that coming. I admit I was a daughter that has given them too many headaches to count but I wouldn’t actually go against my principles to give way for their own.

“Mom, there are a lot of things I want to do in life. I don’t want to marry a man I don’t love.”

“You will love him when you get to know him.” Finality was marked permanently on her words.

I looked at her in disbelief. It was as if I want to ask her if she could actually hear herself. If it was she that’s being caught up in a fucking arranged marriage, I bet on all of my money in savings account that she’d react even more than I am now. I know my mother. I am her replica.

“I won’t, alright? I won’t love him and I will not make myself do so.”

If her words were marked with finality, so are mine. I am not marrying that man! I don’t even know his name!

“Travis Franco is a good man. He’s got great educational and family background. Plus, he’s the son of the owner of the largest online shopping company in California. Your marriage would make a big boost on both of our ends.”

I couldn’t hear her anymore. When she started talking about the family background of that Travis, I couldn’t help but not believe all this.

And I hope she knew that no matter how rich those Francos are, I wouldn’t marry their son. Not if I’m not in love with him. Not if it’s against my desires.

“You know what, Mom? I don’t care. I don’t care about those Francos. About that Travis. About their company. I don’t care. At all. So, you need to cut it out. If you want, I have my elder sister, who’s living the time of her life in London away from here. Why don’t you fix her marriage first before mine? I haven’t even graduated in college yet.”

I turned my back on her and walked towards my walk-in closet. With my outburst, I believe I have touched some sensitive issues in her that would make her furious beyond anything.

I took my suitcase and placed as many clothes as I can get to leave this house. I don’t have many places to go that would keep distance from my parents. I know that they would find me even if I’m in Pluto or anywhere else. But I didn’t care anymore. I hated teens and young adults rebelling but if this is some sort of rebellion, I would take a risk.

My parents needed to see that I can stand on my own. I don’t need their wealth. I don’t need luxurious phones, bags, cars and all. I wanted to be the captain of my ship. I wanted to be the ruler of my life. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do. I have a mind of my own, and most of all, I am not a baby anymore. I am twenty-one for God’s sake!

“Where are you going?” Mom seemed hysterical when she saw me walking out of the closet with my suitcase in my hand.

I stopped and stared at her. I don’t want to but I need to.

“I’m leaving this house.” I stated the obvious.

Her eyes narrowed at me. “And who told you, you can do that?”

I rolled my eyes. “Now I get why my sister chose London over staying here. I’m actually very envious. I should have chosen other countries, too. If I had known I would be marrying a rich heir because my parents are so obsessed with money that they needed to secure it—”

A loud slap stopped me from mocking my mother. I think I needed that, though.

I looked at my mom in shock while she stared back in shock. She was trembling while her tears brimmed the sides of her eyes.

“Darren, I’m sorry—”

She was about to come to me when I stepped back. She stopped and looked at me with such apologetic eyes. Maybe I deserved that. I yelled and even tried to mock her. That was below the belt.

She burst into tears and I shook my head. I threw my phone and my wallet with all my cards on the bed and pulled my suitcase out of that room.

I don’t ever want to come back in a house full of controlling people.

I’m sorry, Mom. I’m sorry, Dad.

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Fantastic Yeoja
You can still read this even if you haven’t read the first one. This is a new story with different leads ?
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Amber Cox
guess I won't read this book since I'm not able to read the first one.
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Amber Cox
what is book one called and is it on here? I would like to read it before this one

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