3. Tensed friends


Amidst the hungry students during the lunch break, Alex sat biting his lips nervously. "You guys are good for nothing! You did send me to persuade her but you did not tell me what is her name, I have almost wooed her mahn!" He slapped the empty plate kept on the table such that it jumped an inch in the air before landing back on its spot with a noise.

They were acting according to the plan until the biggest mistake happened, he happened to say something that needed her name, her name that he did not know! "I thought you would do the rest Alex, that is you who needs her help after all!" Charlie shrugged his shoulder munching on the burger that has just arrived, fresh and juicy.

"Gosh, how will I pass now!" With that mournful remark, Alex placed his head between his palms defeatedly. "Exams are just a month away and I have prepared fucking nothing due to the tournament practise. What will I do now."

He was though the football star alas the dumbest student in the class anyone would ever spot. Alex Ragnar has the ability to win the match that is impossible to bring out of the opponent's clutch notwithstanding he does not have the mind to pass in the exams.

"Do not worry bud, we will try other way. Who told you only that topper was your last hope. We are still alive. We will do something for you." five foot seven inches tall Daniel, the cutest guy in the college with a killer smile assured his friend— only to get a hit on head from his ungrateful friend back. "What the! What was that for?" he growled caressing his skull.

Although when Ragnar pouted like a baby with a fake crying face, his anger vanished over his cuteness. "You yourself hardly pass with passing marks, how will you help me bitch! " He kicked his legs on the floor for a moment thus showing his irony.

They sat there looking for a way to help their friend pass out this year with good grades until the bell hit their ear drums. It was now the time for the next lecture. "Come let's go! " Said Daniel getting up from the chair.

"Nah, you go. I am anyway failing." Alex replied, his eyes staring at the clouds outside the window on his left.

Daniel wanted to have him accompany him to the next class, he still let him be striding off the canteen. He needs some fresh air though.


Amara's point of view...

In the class,

He is starting to get on my nerves. How can Alex be so cruel! He did come to talk to me, but he did not know my name! That was hurting! We have been classmates for over two years, still he does not know my name.

I wish I could shout on him or anybody else regardless they are not at fault— nobody knows Amara Rebello. No one has any idea that her father is an CEO in the famous company that comes under the list of top five firms.

No one in the college knows her mother who is a professional surgeon owning an honourable position in the country's best private hospital. Nobody on this freaking land of the college knows that her parents together own billions of dollars and property that is worth any fortune. No me knows that she lives in a designed bungalow, in a lavish room that is more beautiful than any Disney princess's bedroom.

Nobody knows me.

My heart felt heavier at the evaluation. I have everything but no one beside me called as friends just because I prefer to stay simple! "Dude, I don't know what will we do!" I was too much in my thoughts that I forgot students has started to come back to the class for the second lecture and the bell has already rung.

It was Business Analysis now, the professor usually comes late. He believes, better he enter the class late or else the majority of the students will stay out of the class once he would enter in since he hates late comers. He never allows those students who get late.

There were his friends, the best friends anyone could ever get!

You know they are popular and rich too. Irrespective of Alex's background they have chosen to be his friends. Yeah, Alex comes from a middle class family that lives in Texas. His father is a bank manager and mother a house wife. He has a younger brother who is as cute as him. Despite of everything he has a place in this college, whatever he is here it is all because of his abilities. Hidden secret is that, others want to stay with him as he is the most handsome guy here who has every girls' eyes on him.

In spite of that, Alex is a part of the richie rich brats' friend circle.

Their friendship is adored by everyone, even the teachers. "I am concerned for Alex, let's see what we can do!" What are they talking about?

Did Alex break up with Perry! I don't think so, they have been together for over a year and a half. Perry is the prettiest girl of our college with slender body, shoulder length golden hairs, angelic eyes and the popularity of being the college's trustees daughter.

It is difficult to say anything because both of them hit others behind each other's back and still they are in relationship. I reckon whether she knows about Alex and Bella's kiss that happened in the class in the previous lecture!

Anyway, no matter what they both are not going to leave each other. Perry does not want to let him go as he is every girls crush while Alex, he lusts her body.

"Come on guys, let's not talk about it now otherwise we would be in trouble. Focus in the class please, promise we will find a way out for him too. Okay." I heard Martin sigh trying to explain them something.

They were sitting together however, there was no Alex. By the time the teacher comes, let me help introduce them to you.

Above everyone comes Martin Louis, Alex's secret keeper. He knows everything about him. This guy with brown hairs and chiselled face and black eyes is none other than his partner in crime. He looks like a heart breaker although he is the best guy I have ever known. A good guy with bad habits and no girlfriend! Yeah, he believes in one love with one girl and so far he could not find his that girl. His father is an interior designer who owns a private enterprise that's run by himself.

Beside him is Daniel, the chatter box. The taller he is the smarter he is. He has a brain that is way better than mine unfortunately, he never uses it for studying but other dumb work. You ask for an idea, he will get you the most devilish one. Daniel's eyes had once made me have a crush on them. His nature is something you would want to own. The guy who is always ready to do anything for his friends.

On the bench behind theirs sat Charlie alone. The guy whom I would love to kill. He is a naughty dumb ass guy who flirts with any girl he lays his eyes on. His timber brown eyes are like the wolfs eyes. They can see things through clothes, if you know what I mean.

I dislike him because he has once tried to be cozy to me to take the advantage of the moment and touch me. Alas, that is not something that can stand him wrong. He is a man whore still, he is a good friend and a guy with white heart with no rust.

In short, all of these five people (Alex, Martin, Daniel, Charlie and Perry) are the best buddies who can cross any limits for each other. Their friendship is like Tom and Jerry. They fight, bother each other yet in the end they are one as a team.

I wish if I could ever get to be their friend alas, it is not possible. They demand a popular face that is known by everyone and here, I sit unnoticed and ignored.

Fifteen minutes have passed already and there is no sign of Professor Guptil. I tried to concentrate but I can't, Martin and his friends' dull faces did not give me good feeling. And the problem that I can very well listen to their conversation became another issue for not focusing.

They were earlier talking about Alex, is it something related to him! Did something happen to him after I left him in the garden. God, please don't do anything to him!

I was praying for his well being when I realized there was Bella walking in the class in her crop top. Her lipstick was smudged severely indicating she did something during this break. "Hey fellas, where is Alex!" she walked over to their bench sitting next to Charlie in the empty space while her neck moved everywhere in order to search him.

"He is depressed." Daniel replied in a slow tone.

Bella almost hit her large breasts on his back as she pushed him back by the collars suddenly. "Eh why is that! Did he and Perry broke up?" Honestly it would not be a good sign if they broke up still she seemed excited knowing that. She wants Alex.

"No, it's not that." It was Martin who answered this time.

"Then what!" Bella was annoyed as it was not the break up that got him depressed.

The three dudes stared each other for a while not only increasing her amusement alone but mine too. For a moment, Martin gazed in my direction hardly for a second before turning his eyes on her face, announcing, "It is because of the exams. You know Alex is weak in studies, and he spent unnecessary time practising for the football toy. Now he is depressed. Hardly any days are left for preparation, and he thinks he is going to fail. That is why he is not going to attend any lecture any more! "

What the hell! Is he crazy? Who said hardly any time is left... Idiot, there is still a month left for preparation. That is enough time for any student to prepare for the final exams. He can prepare too, he would just require someone to help him with the proper notes and correct strategy. That is enough for someone to score the highest marks in the subjects.

"There is entire textbook to study and eight subjects, he can't even study a page, let alone eight different subjects. He has already given up that's why we are worried about him. How will he manage to prepare for the exams studying the entire text! He can't do the hard study" I wish if I was granted to murder Charlie. This stupid guy will stay stupid always.

Like really, who tells you to study the whole textbook. There is something even called smart study which is better than hard study. By reading only the important concepts, understanding them and writing the points in your own words can help you fetch fifty percent of the marks out of the total in a particular subject, then why is he so worried.

"Oh that is sad!" Bella remarked biting her lips. "But it is good you know, I am going to fail too. I did not even a page till now lol. Alex and I will repeat this year together." No doubts why she is on everyone's black list and block list! Her remarks are irking enough.

But on a serious note I can help him. Yes, I can. In fact, I am already prepared for the exams and I can do something for him too. We can sit together for an hour every day and study together where I can tell him regarding the concepts that are very much important from the exams point of view and help him pass this semester. In this way, not only will I help him but also my revision will be done!

So it is decided, I will help you Alex Ragnar. Why do you fear when your classmate is here! I promise, I will help you pass with the best scores.


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