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"Have you ever wondered what life behind the curtains of the rich is like? Well here's an exclusive. Chloe as a child lost her parents and was taken to the orphanage home where she had to take on difficulties till she was 10... The lawyer of her late parents came to explain to her and her nanny about her inheritance according to the instructions left by her late parents... Chloe lived a lie all through her life to the point where her name was a lie.... With the help of her parents most trusted worker she took on the challenge of the world to continue her parents legacy... She built and created companies around the world at her tender age... She left her birth country "Canada" and traveled all around.... Her biggest achievement if it must be said was the school she put in place "Empire academy"...Now known worldwide EMPIRE ACADEMY was a must go school for every child but there was an hindrance... To get into EMPIRE u must be among the best of the best... Money wise...Chloe faces new challenges, shocking news, relationship problems and many more. Will Chloe ever catch a break from the world??

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62 Chapters
Natasha is seen in a lavish living room with her baby's nanny Sandra."Sandra please look after the baby, we'll be back in a week" Tasha says trying to hurry things up seeing that they might not make their flight "What about..." Sandra says"We'll pay you overtime" Tasha interrupts"But..." It seems like Sandra cannot catch a break with her boss"don't worry about it we will be back" Tasha finally says as she adjusted the luggage beside her."Let's go honey" Mark who happens to be Tasha husband said to his wife.*They headed out*"But it's her birthday" Sandra whispers as she rocks the baby in the cradle.Hours later Sandra receives a disturbing call informing her of the unfortunate plane crash her bosses had been in. Shocked on hearing the news Sandra knew she needed to act fast, she didn't have the funds to raise a child, she didn't have access to the parents assets. After a week of thinking and waiting to hear f
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Lunch time wasn't Chloe's favorite time of the day,she sat alone watching other students mingle and thought to herself if she really needed friends. "Hi, I'm Camilla Steven" a random blond average height girl sat at the table Chloe was in. "I'm Chloe, nice to meet you" Chloe said stretching her hand forward to offer a pleasant hand shake and the girl reciprocated the gesture."Nice to meet u too"."Um, you must be wondering why I came to sit with u" Camilla said smiling "I definitely am" not so interested in the conversation, Chloe replied with a faint smile on her face."Well I sit behind you in class and I thought u could use a friend." "That's very nice of you, thank you" at this point Chloe didn't know how to keep the conversation going but she wanted to play nice. On the other hand Cami is known for talking too much. "So your name is just Chloe? No last name?" Camilla asked wanting to drill Ch
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Days later Chloe had planned to stop the excess obsession over the owner, she had plan for a middle age woman to introduce herself and hence an assembly was held.Theo was flabbergasted at the scene that was playing in front of him, he was pissed, how could someone lie that way?He dragged Chloe out of Assembly hall"What the hell is your problem Chloe?"Theo asked"What's your problem? You don't have any right to touch me yet alone drag me, I will make sure I sue u" Chloe assured Theo"I know who you are, I know you own this place, so why the hell are you lying?""How do you know that?" Chloe was shocked, she almost lost her balance"I saw you on Friday with that janitor in the owner's office or should I say your office. I overheard your conversation on the phone, I even have it on video"Theo said confidently." I'm guessing you must be stupid."Chloe smiled "What did you just say?" Theo asked"That you are s
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"So tell me a little bit about yourself " chloe smiled at her date as she asked him out of curiosity.No normal bartender could be able to rent out a high class restaurant yet alone pick her up in a very expensive suv. There was a story and Chloe needed know."(Chuckles) well how vast is your knowledge on the Channings?" He asked"Well all I can say is that they own majority of Canada,why do you ask?"chloe replied"They are my parents""Wow, I'm baffled" chloe said a little surprised at her self for not recognizing the son of her biggest rival. "so why exactly are you working in a bar?" She asked further"The same reason you won't tell the world who you are, miss chloe who runs the world" William seems to know more than he should."How on earth did you get that information that totally isn't true" Chloe tried denying the fact that what William said was the truth "You told me yourself ""That's impossib
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It had been days after the party, Chloe was no where to be found, the school was in an uproar. The aftermath of the party wasn't looking promising as the students were being punished for the excessive use of alcohol (at least that was the excuse given but we all know that chole is just a bitch that wanted everybody to pay for making her cry). The best punishment Chloe could think of was to make everybody take a test because even she knew that nobody wants to take a test a week before an examination and what's more is that the test will make up half their grades. Things weren't looking great for cami or Theo. They were not the most academic forward students.Chloe finally made an appearance in school and the first person she had an encounter with was Theo. "Chloe wait up, I'm sorry" Theo chased after her but she didn't give him the time of the day as she walked directly into the girl's bathroom. *Theo sighs*
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"First thing first, sorry for not taking you up on your offer, something came up. Secondly I know it's your birthday today so I brought you flowers" William stretched out his hand and handed her the flower."I hate flowers""No u don't, do you want to tell me what's going on with you and ur friends?" William asked"Not really"After a little hesitation Chloe finally spoke up; "They lied to me, I haven't been this embarrassed since I was a kid, who do they think they were messing with" Chloe was literally fuming with anger "Calm down Chloe, Cami sent me here, I saw her at the bar and she told me what happened and that she feels really bad""I don't want to hear it " Chloe cuts Willam short."Fine, at least let me take you out, it's ur birthday after all""I do not celebrate birthdays but thank you for your kind gesture.""Ok I think you misunderstood me I'm not asking for permission Chloe"Chloe
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Stephanie, Stephanie O'Neal, award winning actress, beautiful, talented,she is a catch. she had a massive crush on William Channing but it was one sided. So disappointing."William""Stephanie" they exchanged a hug"It has been forever, where have you been?" Stephanie asked"Parents have been keeping me busy"William replied"Oh,who is she?"she asked as she glared at Chloe"This is Chloe, my girlfriend" William could sense hostility in the air"Girlfriend huh? So what about us?""Steph can we not do this here? We kinda have an appointment""Fine, we will just set a date instead" she said"We can't go on dates anymore Stephanie, I'm in a relationship, she's not gonna like that" William insistedStephanie glared at chloe she walked away angrily."She's a feisty one, is she gonna be a problem?" Chloe added"No babe."∆∆∆Days later after returning home Chloe had to face her punishmen
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"I never thought I'd hear from you so soon" Chloe said as she adjusted herself in the black Mercedes."Who are you?" Barbara Channing asked, yes the Barbara Channing, of course she wants to know who Chloe is. after alot of investigation she couldn't find a single detail on this mysterious girl."I'm just a normal girl living in a normal world, who was privileged to attend an elite school. is there a problem with that...ma'am?""I may not have been able to find any information on you but I won't give up, just stay away from my son. He is way too good for someone like you.""With all due respect Mrs Channing, you have absolutely no right to tell me who I can and cannot be with. I really like you son so telling me to back off isn't going to be possible. Another thing, when you say your son is way to good for someone like me I hope that was a joke cause you will end up eating your words. William is a great guy but you have no idea what I am capable of. I woul
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"Of course I remember you" Chloe replied with a smile."Good cause we will be seeing alot from now on" she walked towards the principal's office."Oh my God, that was Stephanie O'Neal, multi-million dollar actress, ex girlfriend of William Channing" Cami was so excited to have a celebrity in their school."They never dated"Chloe added."Not according to the tabloids, how do you know her?""We met in Paris once, I am not a fan" she then exited the room."What's her deal?" Theo asked"Everybody knows that Stephanie has a thing for William and her coming here just after he did means she's not giving up and Chloe most definitely does not like that idea""This should be interesting" Leo added∆∆∆During lunch, Liam came with Stephanie to the table where Chloe and her friends were at."Hey babe" Liam sat beside Chloe and Stephanie sat opposite them"You remember Stephanie right?"William asked"Yh I do, the hotel encounter""Well she decided to try out school here""That's great" of course Ch
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"I understand honey, they are already breathing down on my neck and putting in more pressure as the day goes by" Martin Channing, Father of William... I don't think an introduction is necessary here. Yes that Martin Channing replied."I just really hope he doesn't hate us for this. I cannot live with the thought of my baby hating me" maybe she should have thought of that before pushing forward with what she had planned, but parents will be parents, they always think they are right.Later that day William's parents had ordered him to their house for a family dinner which was rare but not abnormal, so he had no suspicions or anything and went there blindly. He was already in a good mood since he had settled with his girl and no longer needs to hide her from the world.On getting home William walked directly to his room where he stayed before moving out. Nothing had changed, his old video games and fashion magazines which he had partaked in were exactly where he le
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