Freaking romance

Freaking romance

By:  Baby mia  Ongoing
Language: English
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He walked up to me as everyone paved way for him while he came closer "be my girlfriend quince" he said leaving me dumbfolded and shocked and at that moment series of question kept on popping in my head ~do I really want this ~do I really want him as my boyfriend I kept on asking myself this questions a tear dropped from my eyes as i immediately clashed my lips on his while he pulled me closer and hugged me tight "that's my baby" i heard gigi screamed and i pulled away "yes I'll be your girlfriend" I answered and smiled as he carried me up making everyone screamed and cheered for us "I love you quince" he said "I love you too" I answered and we kissed again Freaking romance Melting her icy heart Haven been heartbroken by Friday love and made you turn cold towards boys, well that's the story of quincy Anderson Joel A transfer student named Joel caught up with quincy's beauty after meeting her on his first day of resumption What will happen between the two different people Sit back and enjoy this mind blowing story

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Black baby
beautiful ... I love it...️
2022-07-19 08:05:11
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Pretty poppe
nice work, I really love it even if it lacks some qualities ......
2022-07-19 08:02:56
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Baby mia
i love this book alot
2021-10-08 17:44:53
45 Chapters
  Episode 1   Quincy  Kimkelly high I just arrived at school early and moved into my classroom and everywhere was noisy as always student gisting and all that. I went to my seat which was in front of the gms{ ginger,miranda and summer} three gorgeous bad ass bitches in school talking about their weekend which was disturbing my readings.   "you know girls i've broken up with josh"ginger the leader announced like it was an achievement and I rolled my eyes with that.    "but why ginger" summer asked "ugh josh is such a moron so I dumped him"she answered proudly "so all am gonna do now is find another hottie"she added flipping her hair    "tsk .......but josh is practically the most hostest guy in school which you just dumped" miranda said "and who are you to interfere"ginger asked giving miranda a deadly glare "well am gonna get another boyfriend and that's fi
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Episode 2JoelAfter dropping the content on her table and I left a writing which says."EAT WITH ALL YOUR HEART" with it. I thought it would be a good idea to get closer to her so I went straight to the cafeteria,got my lunch and went to a corner to sit. I was about eating when the gms came over to my table."ohh! Girls what a coincidence, we meet again with  joel on my favorite table" ginger said smiling widely "um.....your favourite table?" I asked confused "yeah it's ours no one dares to use the table" miranda said."ohh" I said when it became clear to me "lemme just......" I said as I was about to pick up my lunch and leave. "no baby boy, you can join us afterall we are friends right girls" she asked as she held me down back to the seat."yeah sure" they chorused so I had no other choice than to sit with them and eat. I must admit the girls are fun to be with but except for ginger she's such a big flirt w
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Episode 3Quincy"Now am gonna teach you a lesson" he said and raised up his hands in an attempt to slap me so I closed my eyes tight to receive whatever comes to me but nothing happened and l opened my eyes slowly only to see his hands been raised and held up in the air by someone I least expected and I gasp."hey leave my hand you jerk" he said and struggling to loose his hand from the person grib"let her go" the guy said "and what you gonna do,call your mama" he asked while the others laughed "no am gonna do this" joel said and gave the guy a punch across his face making the guy fall back "did you just punched me?" The guy asked while touching his face "yeah and am gonna do that again" joel said with confidence "you idiot you're gonna regret this guys get him" he said and signals the other guy to fight joel.he moved closer to joel and they engaged in a very serious fight exchanging fist and all that whe
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Episode 4                       ~~~~~~~~~~~The next dayQuincyI woke up late at exactly 7:51am "gosh am gonna be late for class" I screamed out loud as I dash into the bathroom to have my bath. I had a sleepless night yesterday cause "I mean how could my mom tell me to apologize, this is fucking stupid" I muttered to myself while I took my toothbrush to clean my mouth. Few minutes I was outside the bathroom I applied my lotion on my body, I went over to my closet and I wore my clothes hurriedly as I settled for a black crop top and a baggy jeans with my black sneakers, packed my hair in a messy bun and went downstairs "hi mom" I greeted and kissed her on the cheek and ran out even before she answered. I hailed a cab and got to school only to still see students everywhere meaning lectures hasn't started "geez quincy you're
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Episode  5"LATE AGAIN MISS ANDERSON" mrs plummer the french teacher said as soon as i stepped my foot into the class making me gulp nothing down my throat "I'm doomed" I thought to myself as I stood motionless where I was. "Explanation now". She said "uhm....I...." I tried to explain stammering and when I was lost was when I heard a voice "maybe she was late due to traffic, I mean the traffic nowadays are very bad right guys? Or maybe she has a very genuine reason for coming late" Joel said asking noel and ricky who in turn nodded positively and my eyes widened in shock "he saved me again" I thought to myself "silent Mr Frickson" the teacher yelled jolting me out of my thoughts "now little miss, she said facing me you will receive a punishment for coming late alongside with joel" she said and I saw a shocked expression on Joel's face "ma'am..." I tried saying but she shut me up "to your seat now" she ordered "I'm gonna think about your punishment later" she added and I q
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Episode 7  Quincy Its morning already so I opened my window to check out the weather when I saw a bit of snow drops  "geez it's chilling already" I thought as I inhale the soft snow breeze then gigi call came through Hi Gigi I said Morning babe you know it's a good day to go shopping so I was wondering if we can go together she suggested Um Gigi..I don't think I can go with you,ive to go out with joel today I answered REALLY she screamed through the phone and I removed the phone from my ear in order not to hear her screaming Yeah I'm going out with-  GOSH QUINCY she screamed again and I rolled my eyes "such a drama queen" I muttered  Okay I will be there in 10 minutes she said and hanged up.  I went downstairs to get food cause mom isn't home toda
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Episode 8 Later that nightJoelI got home and went inside the house,everyone was having dinner while the maids served them."hi everyone" I greeted as I tried to walk pass the dinning room "ain't you gonna have dinner?" My mom asked  "no thanks I'm okay" I answered and walked to my room. What wrong with me am I too excited to eat, I don't miss supper I muttered and went into the bathroom to freshen up.After some minutes I was done so I came out of the bathroom and wore my pyjamas and layed on the bed and the thought of quincy came to my mind as I smiled geez she's got curves, her smile is a killer, I like the way she held me tight when we rode together on my motorcycle geez what wrong with me I think am in love I thought to myself as I turned to the other side of the bed hoping to sleep but I can't instead I kept thinking of quincy till I drifted off to sleep.  
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Episode 9QuincyI had dresses up for school in a red tummy revealing long sleeve crop top and a black and red stripes fleered skirt, wore my black sandals and finally let my hair down. We got out of the café when the owner came this morning and there was a surprise expression on his face and he let us go after explaining things to him and he apologized too.Kimkelly highI got out of the taxi and was about entering when Gigi called from behind which made me stop while she came closer to me "wow someone looks dashing today" she said checking me out and I rolled my eyes "who are you dressing for huh? Is it joel?" She asked and I blushed slightly when she called his name "geez what wrong with me?" I asked myself as we both went towards the school building."babe I've got lots of gists for you" Gigi said and giggled as we entered and there was a lots of students who
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Episode 10QuincyI ran as fast as my legs could carry and went to class, grabbed my bag and I was about to leave the school building when gigi held my hand."where are you going?" She asked with concern "home" I replied "Why?" She asked again "I can't bear all this its killing me, I need to cool my head off" I said and made to leave when she suddenly pulled me to a hug and I hugged back and poured out my tears freely then we disengaged from the hug and she used her thumb to wipe the tears "take care" she said and I nodded then left.Joel it wasn't noel's fault it's mine geez what was I thinking, I was the one that took the picture and sent it to noel to prove that I was with her which he mistakenly uploaded it alongside with his picture and kenzie . I screwed up big time an lost right now cause I don't know what to do.Quincy 
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Episode 10This is actually the continuation of the previous chapter I did this cause it has passed the words limit.School hallWow so much decorations, the Christmas tree was placed at the center just as I planned and the chandelier, the lights, ribbons, its just so perfect. The music was banging loudly while students dance to it everywhere was filled with students dancing,making out and all that kenzie had gone with noel so I was left with gigi "I wanna go grab a drink" I said to gigi "okay girl" she answered as she danced to the music. I was about to gulp down my prune juice when the music went down and Gigi was on stage "are you all enjoying the parrrtty?" She said while everyone roared and i rolled my eyes then smiled "ohh gigi" I thought "yeah so we're gonna dance.. dance... dance.. and party all night "she screamed swaying her feets while everyone roared again "so now let put our hands together for quincy while she cones on stage" she
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