Chapter 13: First Monster Attack

Morning comes and we all prepare to depart. Lana fixes some foods in a basket and something we can use in a big bag she carries on her back. I also insisted to carry the shoulder bag made of leader where Lana put something she said I can use in time of trouble that she embedded with her magic. I don’t know what she means but I just carried the bag nonetheless.

“Don’t forget this.” Lana said wrapping a greenish shawl on my shoulders with this weird emblem that when Vlashmere sees it his eyes widen then he seems to freeze but after a while he returns to his usual cold and mysterious aura, turning back to his invisible like presence.

“Shall we get going so we can arrive to the town of Sallis by tomorrow noon?” Flora said as they look at us checking if we are ready to leave.

“The early the better, we need to be very careful. Monsters and beast lurks this area and the rest of the way we will travel to.” Leo said making me look at Lana and to them with a fright in my eyes.

“Mo- Monsters? Be
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