Chapter 20: My New Brother

Leo still looks at me when I came out of the room. I am still combing my wet hair using my fingers as he look at me as if he is looking at a mirror.

“Where did you get those clothes? I mean…… those aren’t the clothes the inn keeper has given to me.” Leo asks as I shove my wet long hair into my side.

“All my clothes and the one I changed into suddenly disappeared. Didn’t the young man say that Mr. Wei wants me to wear some clothes he has prepared and the young man left me? Apparently, it is this.” I said as I look at my outfit.

“I- I see.” Leo said as he looks at me with this suddenly red face and he looks as if he is thinking about something.

“Why? What is wrong? Are the clothes looking bad at me, I mean… are they not pretty?” I utter as I check my clothes.

“No... no it’s perfect. You look so pretty in it.” He said as he looks away as if he doesn’t want to look at me in the eyes.

Something is wrong with him and I can see it. It is as if he remembers something that suddenly upsets him.

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