Chapter 15: Monster Attack at Dark

Lana keeps on looking at me as we walk into this grassy trail. She must be figuring out why I suddenly paled and became sad all of a sudden. I keep on avoiding making eye contact with Vlash as much as possible. He makes me remember the pain I felt when Jemar broke my heart, the only reason why I am here in the first place and still decided to stay even how dangerous it may seem. Not just that but he gives me this weird visions every time our eyes meet making me feel so weak. I wanted to ask Lana about that so badly but I chose to stay silent and keep it all to myself hoping that it is just because I found Vlash to be mysterious and puzzling. He also seems to be getting out of my way and always staying behind us quietly. It is also making this big ice between us as we continue avoiding each other.

“Riri what’s wrong, you know I’m connected to you right? I know you are sad so, what happened?” Lana said taking my attention and I deeply sigh.

“No-nothing much, I-I just remembered what happ
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