Chapter 16: Deep Wounds

I am sitting there for almost an hour when I heard a loud growl from behind me. I immediately spin around to see another ugly looking monster with the size and look of a lion but ugly in its yellowish color. I slowly stand and start to step back when the monster suddenly jumps to attack me.

“OH COME ON!!! Why is this happening to me?!” I scream as close my eyes waiting for death when I realize that I still feel fine. When I open my eyes I see Leo battling the monster in front of me.

“You okay?” he said still blocking the attacks of the monster.

I look around for the others but I see only him. Where might the other be? I hope they are doing just fine.

“I-I think so. Can- can you handle THAT?” I ask as he laughs.

“Don’t worry I can handle this. Dwen is getting the others, I was nearer so he manage to bring me here in time thankfully.” Leo said as he pushes the monster that looks so angry they start to attack each other.

“You better move away, Miss Riri.” He said making me nod and move
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