Chapter 19: Leo and Wei's past

Leo looks at me then he sigh and rubs the back of his head. He closes his eyes as if he is recalling some painful memories. He leans on the wooden wall and then looks at the floor as he crosses his arms on his chest.

“Wei and I used to be friends since we were young. His father and my father are used to be friends so we grew up together and trained together. But.... because of my father, Wei lost his family and the honor of their father; he is the only one who survived but still running away from my father. Wei became our greatest enemy and he vowed to destroy my father. We became enemies since his group always attacks my father’s traveling mercenaries.” Leo said and I feel so sad about what happen to Wei’s family but I don’t think Leo is at fault.

“O- Oh I see, didn’t you... like explain to him that it all was a misunderstanding?” I ask as I look at him.

“What is the difference… he lost his family. He has the right to be angry and… I am also ashamed and confused. The truth about his f
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