Chapter 81: Grand wedding, the gift and the Forbidden Land

I wipe my face before I run towards those people standing there who are looking around in awe but are looking at me with happiness. I hug them tightly as they hug me back.

“You look so beautiful and matured, our lovely Riri.” My dad said as they hug me tightly.

Everyone is just silently watching us as I hug each of my family one at a time. I am so happy that they are here in this special day of my life. I look at them as Vlash stands behind me watching us like the others.

“I am so happy but… how did you manage to come here? I mean, it must be hard.” I ask my mother who look at me.

She touches my cheek as she look at me from head to toe.

“Your groom suddenly appeared before us and told us everything. He and your friends did their best to open the path that connects Evetora and our world so we can come here. We can only stay for a few hours at least until the sand in this hour glass necklace we wore disappears we will return immediately to the normal world or we will seize to exist in ou
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