Vesta: The virgin goddess of hearth



There’s this unknown force that’s compelling me towards the direction of brightness. I walk through the darkness, the hunger for light and the thirst for power lighting my insides with eternal fire. I am in a forest, walking through the trees, pushing the branches away from my way while my eyes are set on the brightness emerging from the distant bush.

Finally, when I reach the bush and push its leaves aside, my eyes find hers. I couldn’t help but step out of the bush and into the clearing in whose middle she stood, waiting for me, watching me.

Her vibrant blue eyes gazed into mine. They’re similar to mine in every way.

A wolf.

Majestic and powerful. Her auburn fur appears to be golden as the light emanates from her. Throwing her head back, she let out a howl before charging towards me. I stood there, unable to move my fe

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Christine Sands
I want to know what is going through Arles' mind, his POV! I can't deal with a man/demi god/semi devil throwing around a woman like that!

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