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~In another life, I would be your girl~

"Joy, what if someday we would be apart like them?" Kevin asks me while we are here insider in the tree-house, looking out the window and eyeing at children like us being adopted by the childless couples. 

Here at the orphanage, we are all friends but, everyone has a best friend. 

They couldn't help but cry and say goodbye to each other when someone adopted them separately. 

"When that day comes, that we need to get separated like them, I will not cry," I say, bringing out my giant smile. 


"Because we're still seeing each other, right? You will come to me and I will come to you. And no matter how different life we maybe get someday, I am still, Joy, your friend who will bring you happiness to you."

"I hope we're friends until we die."

"Of course!"

~We keep all our promises, be us against the word~

"Don't cry, Kevin. Remember, I told you, we will meet and see each other again. Promise me, you'll come back here to me, okay? I will wait for you." I say, giving him a cheer-up smile as I wipe his tears. 

Today Kevin will be adopted by a wealthy childless woman. 

And I'm very happy because I know he will finally have a good life. 

"I promise, Joy. I will come back here. I will go to visit you, so wait for me." 

"I will wait for you." We hug each other before we will part our ways. 

~In another life, I would make you stay~

As I watch Kevin walking away from me, I want to chase him and make him stay. But, as much as I wanted to try, I can't. 

This is what we both dreamed of. To has someone who will adopt us, as well to give us a good life. 

As what had Lady Marry told us, we cannot stay here longer in the orphanage. At our young age we, need parents to make us feel love, to take care of us, and to give us the life that we didn't experience. We should not be trapped here in our whole life, we need to explore the world.

And I know Kevin will keep his promise to me 

MORNING has come. But he didn't show up. He didn't come back. 

Until the next day. 

Until 3 months have come. He didn't come. He never returned me. 

~So I don't have to say you were the one that got away.~


I had put all the drawings in the small box that Kevin and I had made way back then when we were still in an orphanage. 

Eleven years have passed since the two of us got separated and for eleven years, I have been waiting and still hoping to see him again. Though, I'm a bit upset with him because he has not kept his promise to me.

How is he? Is he happy now? Does he still remember me? Where is he?

I heaved a sigh while I am packing up my things. Today, we will be going to go back to the Philippines.

Way back in 2009, three months after Kevin was adopted, I didn't expect that the one who adopted me was my real parents.

At first, I didn't know that they are my parents either. I didn't know their face for the reason that I was a baby when I was separated from them.

I thought at first, I was being thrown away by them with a purpose but, I was totally wrong. Mum, had explained to me the incident that happened when she give birth to me. My mum's parents were against her relationship with dad, so when they found out that mum was carrying a baby on her womb which basically, that's me, her parents couldn't accept it. Until mum finally gives birth to me. Her parents who are my grandparents take me away from them. They told my parents that I didn't survive. They also tried to separate my parents but mum and dad stood by each other. Until mum and dad found out that I didn't die, I was sent by my grandparents to the orphanage. 

So they tried to find me in every orphanage. And they had found me. 

I understand and I'm happy as well because I thought my dream of having a real parent would never be fulfilled.

After they had found me, they bring me here, in America, I also studied here. 

So, the only thing I want to do is to look for my best friend Kevin, when we return to the Philippines.

Currently, a huge sigh slipped out of my lips. I know I can't really fit all my belongings in my suitcase. But something inside me was telling that I can fit my all belongings inside. So with a huff, I tried again. 

Once again, I took off my clothes as well as the other things inside and I repeated the placement.

But then, that's still the case.

I quit. This really sucks. It's stressing me out. I've been in multiple camps in my junior high school in the university, been practicing how to put things up properly inside the suitcase but every time I do, it always turns out like this. I'm bad at it. Really. 

I give up. I raised my hand dramatically and lay my back on my bed. 

"Mum! Can you please pack my things for me? I can't really do this, anymore!" I yelled out from my room turning over and glaring at the stupid suitcase in front of me, that I'm trying to zip. 

It was not like I put all my necessary things inside, causing it to overload. I was only trying to fit my ten favorite dresses, four pairs of footwear, my five favorite scarfs that dad has given to me every winter season, some pajamas, and the box that contains my memories with Kevin.

"Mum!!" I yelled out again. Just then I heard the loud running footsteps approaching towards my door. 

The door had sprung open immediately and from outside my mum showed up, chasing her breath that it feels like she was chasing after by the policeman. 

"Joy, are you okay? What happened?" Mum asks me with concern then walked over to me. 

I got up from my bed. "No, mum. I just need your help. I can't fit those things inside my case." I pouted, pointed the suitcase beside me, and give her an apologetic smile. 

Mum's heaved a sigh. She thinks that I'm suffocating. 

"Don't yell like that again, honey. You're giving me a heart attack." She nags softly and starts to pack up my things for me. 

"I'm sorry mum. Forgive me?" I say with a sweet smile, giving her hug after she zips my suitcase. "You're the best, mum." I chuckle and look over at her. 

"Alright. You're forgiven, beautiful girl. So now, get dressed up, honey. Okay? We'll leave soon." Mum patted my head and give it a kiss before she leaves my room. 

"Thank you, mum!" I yell happily. Stretch me both arms, get the towel, and took a bath, get dressed up after. 

I took my suitcase, got out of my room, and went downstairs.

There in the living room, I saw all our things, packed up and ready to go.

We will be going to leave this house really. I feel a bit sad. Somehow, this house gives me the best memories with my beloved parents. 

"My little baby, are you ready to leave?" My dad approaches me and gives me a short hug. 

"Yes, dad. I'm excited to go back to the Philippines. But, you will gonna sell this house?" I ask. 

"We need to, honey." Mum interrupted, walking downstairs with her Gucci handbag on her right arm. "We will go to live in the Philippines for good." She added as she approaches me and dad. 

I lifted up my head to look at dad. 

"Yes, honey." He nodded, tapping my head softly. 

"Alright. I understand." A smile curve in my lips. 

"So let's go? We might miss the flight." Mum signaled. 

I took my suitcase and dad took the two suitcases and we got out of the house. 

In outside, I saw Olivia and Caren, my friends in here, standing beside the pine tree. Caren is carrying something with her both hands. 

Dad took my suitcase to put it in the car so I can walk towards my friends. 

"Are you leaving?" Ask Olivia, pouting. Her eyes were sad as Caren. 

"Where are you going?" Caren added a question. 

I nod my head. "My parents decided to go back to the Philippines. We'll gonna live there for good. I'm sorry, I need to leave you here guys for the meantime. But we're still friends right?"

"Of course! We wish you a happy life there. Don't forget to keep in touch." Olivia says, giving me a bright smile. 

"Yeah. That's right. Ah here, bring this with you. Olivia and I, made this yesterday." Caren handed me a hand made pillow. "If you're having difficulties in sleeping just hug this and you will get tight of sleep." 

"Thanks, Caren. This is really pretty." I squealed taking the small pillow. I feel touched. They really know me. 

I remember when we're in a camp, I'm having difficulty sleeping since our bed wasn't that soft and I am not comfortable with my pillow, so they gave me their pillows just for me to feel comfortable enough and get tight of sleep. 

"Thank you so much, girls. I will really treasure this gift from both of you." 

"Of course, you mean so much a lot to us, Joy." Caren smiles softly. 

"You're parents are waiting. Go now. Don't get sick, okay? See you soon, Joy." Olivia says. I smile and accepting their hug. 

"Thank you, guys. See you soon." I waved at them and I starts to walk back to our car and get inside. 

"Thank you for taking care of Joy, girls," Dad says to them before he gets inside of the car. 

"Please, visit us here when you have time Joy! See you soon!" They shouted as our car parted away from where they are standing, waving at their hands to me, and I wave back. 

"You will miss them for sure, honey. Don't worry. We'll try to get here back soon." Mom says when finally my friends lost my sight.

"Really? How about every winter? Can we?" I ask brightly.

"Why not honey. Right, Josh?" Mom smiles asking dad. 

"Of course. Every winter." Dad replied, looking at me at the upper mirror and smile. 

"Thank you, mum, dad." I thankfully say. 

And now, I feel very excited about going home in my hometown. I can't wait. 

I can't wait to see my best friend again. I hope when I come back, I can find him right away. 

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