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Kevin and Joy live their life for almost 7 years in the orphanage. Both of them dreamed about having parents to give them a good life and to explore the outside world. Sooner, they got adopted and lives with their life separately. Will, they encounter love in another life?

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Whoever read this, thank you so much. Please leave a comment if this story is good to you :) I need ur feedbacks.
2020-06-10 12:34:21
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Senna Eltriysia
it reminds me in my hs days! Want more chapters ?
2020-06-07 21:42:29
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Nice story. Awesome work, author.
2020-07-21 00:57:52
70 Chapters
JOY THE BEGINNING~In another life, I would be your girl~"Joy, what if someday we would be apart like them?" Kevin asks me while we are here insider in the tree-house, looking out the window and eyeing at children like us being adopted by the childless couples. Here at the orphanage, we are all friends but, everyone has a best friend. They couldn't help but cry and say goodbye to each other when someone adopted them separately. "When that day comes, that we need to get separated like them, I will not cry," I say, bringing out my giant smile. "Why?""Because we're still seeing each other, right? You will come to me and I will come to you. And no matter how different life we maybe get someday, I am still, Joy,
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HIRO"You're fired! You! You! and You!"That is what I heard immediately as I opened the door of my room. I approached the railings of the staircase to look down. There, in the living room, I saw my mum, yelling in front of our three housemaids. Shaking my head and one corner of my lips lifted to a lopsided half-smile, eyeing the three young women crying and begging for a second chance to stay in here. I know why mum is expelling them from their job in here. That is because of the sloppy work they do. Just only a simple job they are commanded to do, yet they can not do it well. Mum hates clumsy people, so am I. I didn't even bother to hear th
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PHILIPPINES TUESDAY, AUGUST 810 AMJOYA huge smile grew in my lips as I got out of the taxi, after my mum and dad. Finally, we arrived in the Philippines, and here now, we are carrying our things with is going inside the house. Our new house. Let's call it, a mansion. It is a two-story structure with around seven bedrooms, a massive kitchen, two swimming pools for adults and kids, etc. When we have already settled our things inside, mum cooks us for lunch and some slice of fruits for snacks. After we ate, mum and dad gave me an envelope. I don't what's inside on it so I open it. "Really??" My eyes widened and my mouth parted as I saw what's written on the paper I was holding. It says here about my new school. I'm going to study here. "Of course,
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"You shouldn't talk nor touch him. He's a ruthless and weird guy. Little did you know, even our teacher here doesn't talk to him because he doesn't want someone to talk to him. He's totally a weird alien, right? I can't even imagine where the planet that guy came from." Frey says, filled with annoyance in her voice while applying another layer of red lip tint onto her lips before closing her compact mirror. We are here in our dorm. After the embarrassing incident earlier when I hugged Kevin they brought me here, to bring my things, change uniform, and make me calm down because I was looking so pale earlier. Maybe because of unexpected things that Kevin had shown to me. I can't believe it. He did that to me. He pushed me. He yelled out on me. "Right! Frey is right!" Sammy, on the other hand, gets up from lying on
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Our first-class in the morning has ended. We are now in the school cafeteria, sitting in the center area table, for lunch.While Yassi, Frey, and Sammy were in the order line, I prepared the lunchbox that my mum had prepared for me earlier in the morning. Next to it, there is a small white box where is my medicine had taken place.'Should I really take this in here?'Mum's voice tormented in my ears, nagging and reminding to take this. I look at the students that surround me, having their meal. They look normal, healthy, and active.'Okay, I won't take this.' I took th
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"Hey! Wait up! Hiro!" I call as I chased him down the stairs. However, he just keeps walking and rejecting me like he didn't hear someone calling him out. Is he just pretending not to hear me?Perhaps, sometimes he is deaf? Until I got a chance to reach him and pull out his arm. I thought he will going to push and yell on me again, but he only stops walking. Not facing me."Hiro, " I called him, nervously."Keep off your hands on me." He says. Even the tone of his voice is flat."Ah. Sorry." I uttered, and let go of his arm."Stay away from me." He says and was about to walk when I spoke."Wait---""Don't talk to me.""No," I complained. I walk towards them in front of him. I look at his eyes. Like earlier, I can see no emotions engraved at his face. 
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FREY"Who started that mess? Answer me right now, if you don't want me to give you a penalty for one week" Miss. Veronica, our principal ask in a serious tone of her voice. After she saw the mess that happened earlier, we are now in her office. Our heads bowed, unable to look straight at her eyes.All phones of freshmen to seniors were also confiscated including ours by the guidance counselor to delete the videos that we had taken earlier. "Again! Who started the mess?" Miss. Veronica asks, slightly raised her voice. "Hey, Klay! Will you not admit that you are the one who started the trouble, huh!?" I was surprised when Sammy yell out at him. Sammy's being sadist is on the way. Well, anyway, she is right. It was obvious that Klay was the one who started the big shit. "What!? Me!? It was H
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After I passed out earlier, I am here now in our dorm, taking some rest after I ate dinner at the school cafeteria with Frey, Sammy, and Yassi. In a few hours, my first day here at SIS will end. And obviously, things didn't turn out so well today. I pushed, I passed out, I whack a guy for the first time. It's amusing, right? It looks like, my daily life will be memorable here.I sigh out. It's already 9 AM in the evening and Frey, Sammy as well Yassi sleeping peacefully. Meanwhile, I can't sleep. There's something bothering in my mind. It was about earlier. How Hiro rejected and left me in the middle of my state of dying. Truthfully, when I woke up earlier at the clinic, I abruptly cried in front of my friends. It's not because of the pain I felt in my back but because Hiro chose to leave me where I nee
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MUSIC CLASS  After our Philosophy class has ended, and our next subject is all about music. I feel so much excited because I really really like music.  "Alright, class. Today, we are going to have an activity for our music class. Each of you will prepare a song. Any genres and language of the song are preferable. After or before you will sing the song you've chosen, you will go to explain why that's your song choice. This activity will serve as your attendance today. Understood?" "Yes, Miss." We both said in the chorus.  "Oh my! I'm so excited." Sammy squeal in excitement.  "What's so exciting about it? You will just go to sing." Frey bitterly commented and crossed her arms over her chest.  "This is your chance Frey to express your feelings." Yassi taunted and Sammy just laugh.  I really don'
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JOY I rested my chin on my palm while I am staring at Hiro. He is now in front of all of us because I chose him to be the one to perform after me. I was nervous to mention his name because he might be irritated but he wasn't. He even talks to me first. I'm delighted.  My heartbeat fasts when he looks at me in an annoyed expression but he instantly avoided it.  I didn't expect that he will go to meet my eyes.  Even if he looks annoyed, the impact of his gaze on me was still strong. "Hey! Stop staring at him. Aren't you still contented on the bruise he gave to you?" Frey slightly hit my arm with her palm.  "What are you saying. I didn't look at him. I'm just looking forward to what song he'll sing. I'm curious about his voice." I reply in a whisper.  "And why? Will you be investigating his
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