Chasing the Golden Trinket
Chasing the Golden Trinket
Chapter 1: Exiled

Tiptoeing on the oak hardwood floor couldn't be harder. It's midnight and I'm trying to go to the kitchen to steal a few snacks.

The kitchen's pantry always has snacks. With the number of witches living in this house, which is eighteen, our stocks always run out so fast so I always sneak up at midnight when there's new grocery to pile some foods on my room.

"Krishna, we can't---"

I heard a faint feminine voice. I immediately whipped my head to the direction of the voice and saw the library. The library is located near the kitchen, where I'm heading. But I think I can eavesdrop for a bit. The library's door is a bit ajar so I can clearly hear what the witches inside are saying.

"No, Delta, I've already decided. It's final," It was Krishna's stern voice. Our High Priestess.

They're obviously arguing. But I'd like to stay for a bit more and find out what they're arguing about.

"Krishna, this is a dangerous move. If we fail resurrecting the Great Witch, we will die!" I heard Delta's distressed reply.

My mouth slightly went agape.

In this coven, I have sixteen sisters, and one leader. We call our leader the High Priestess. Krishna has two most trusted witches who act as her assistants, Delta and Smoke. Which also happens to be my close friends. I've been with them for ten years, ever since I was twelve. And Krishna's going to waste all that years just for resurrecting the mother of all witches, which is impossible?

"Delta, I recently discovered of a belonging that the Great Witch had. It's the only thing left in the world that's hers. We need to get it to have a stronger connection to her, to make the ritual work!"

A moment of silence.

"If it did work, Krishna, what's next?" Delta queried.

"Make her under our command, and rule the world, of course." I can just imagine her smirk.

That was the statement that ticked me off. It pushed my tiny respect to Krishna off a cliff, never to be seen again. She had always been the greedy High Priestess, she ordered us to do so many immoral things to humans that I really regret.

The only thing that's been keeping me from leaving this sisterhood is the fact that this was built by my grandmother and that I had Delta and Smoke. The rest, are thoughts of turning my back on this sisterhood and away from Krishna's unrighteous leadership.

I stepped out of the shadows and widely opened the oak door.

The two quickly turned to my direction and gasped.

"Were you eavesdropp--"

Krishna was about to speak but I quickly interrupted.

"Stop this ridiculousness, Krishna."

I looked at her dead in the eye.

Her left brow twitched. She slowly walked towards me. I just stood my place and bravely stared back.

"Do you know what you're saying, Mazikeen?"

She stopped about a foot in front of me.

"Stop. Control your greed."

She's a few years older than me but I just lost the little ounce of respect to her in me. She didn't deserve it.

"Krishna, Maze, stop it---" Delta was paused by Krishna lifting her palm in front of Delta, signaling her to stop.

"Control my greed? Why don't you control yourself? Stop eavesdropping on people," she surveyed me from head to toe, "especially those of higher rank than you."

"I stopped viewing you as someone on a higher rank than me ever since I realized I had more morals than you." I didn't back down and instead inched closer to her face, intently looking at her, then criticized her being from head to toe.

Her brows furrowed.

"You dare say that to your High Priestess!" She raised her voice, the veins on her neck protruding.

"Your plan is absurd; you will kill all of us!" I hissed.

"It is for the betterment of all witches! You are in no position to oppose me!"

I scoffed. "Betterment? By putting the humans below? That is unrighteous, Krishna!"

"They're weak and powerless. We have our spells and a deeper connection to nature! Whereas they only destroy it. We deserve to be on top!"

I incredulously stared at her. She's gone insane. She treats the humans like trash and views them on the worst perspective.

That is definitely a trashy mindset for a High Priestess.

"You don't deserve your title," I whispered.

"You don't deserve leading a coven. You don't deserve the legacy my grandmother built. You don't deserve it!" I yelled at her.

She continuously blinked and seemed stunned.

For a few moments, there was silence. Delta had given up on trying to stop the two of us and left the room.

"Then you don't deserve my leadership," she mumbled.

"Nobody deserves your wicked leadership."

"No, you," she pointed at me, her long nails almost poking my right eye, "leave this mansion! Leave this coven! You are an ungrateful witch!" she bellowed.

Is she kicking me out? Out of the coven?

My other close friend, Smoke, harshly opened the door and went to Krishna.

"You can't kick her out, Krishna," she whispered, "we need her. For the ritual, she's our strongest witch, Krishna. We can't let her go."

I stayed silent. This was really happening. I was being forced to leave. And Smoke, instead of consoling me, she went to Krishna.

"No, Smoke. Maze is leaving tomorrow," she coldly muttered while looking at me.

"Leaving it is, then. I'll finally have a taste of freedom," I smirked. Acting unaffected.

I kept on a straight face while climbing up to my room. And when my hands touched the pillow, the tears threatening to spill earlier were finally released.

Morning came and I was all packed and ready to leave. I wasn't able to sleep last night so I just packed my belongings. I even found my grandmother's old amethyst ring lying on one of my drawers and hid it on my suitcase.

I went downstairs only to see a few of my sisters sobbing.

All of them were looking at me.

"I'm not going to die." I tried to comfort them.

"We're going to miss you."

I have cried all of my tears last night so I just hugged each one of them and bid farewell.

Last to come to me were Smoke and Delta. They both had flushed faces.

"We're sorry," Delta mumbled.

"Let's forget about it. And maybe forget about me as well."

They simultaneously shook their heads.

"Take care out there," Smoke sobbed.

"I'm sure I can live in the city." I chuckled.

I pulled my suitcase and walked to the tall double-doors.

I kept it open and walked the stone pathway. When I neared the fences that goes around the whole mansion, I looked back to the extravagant mansion. And on the front porch stood Krishna, with all my sisters behind her.

She looked at me with a stoic expression.

"Finders, keepers!" I shouted at her. Her brows furrowed, obviously confused.

I smirked and continued walking.

I'm not letting her resurrect the Great Witch. And the only way, is finding the golden trinket first.

I turned my back to the mansion I once called home and grabbed the keys to my black mini cooper car. It’s time to finally feel freedom and blend into the crowd of humans in the city.

But I can’t possibly live a new life if the mansion is as close as a 30-minute drive. Should it be better if I travel somewhere far instead? And just start my research from there?

I kept driving away from the mansion, leaving my past life with it. It’s time to start anew.

A few minutes of driving in the deserted highways, I have decided to move to a new country. One that’s on the other side of the globe. I can transport there with my car and live a new life because no one knows me there. But which country? Maybe in Asia?

Which part of Asia have mixed ethnic origins? Because I will probably look like them. I’m Asian as well, my mother is a Filipina, while my Father is Italian.

Hmm, it doesn’t hurt to go back to my mother’s home. I’ve been there once and it’s in their capital, Manila. It’s the only place I can remember, so that’s where I’m going.

I stopped my car on the side of the highway, getting ready to transport.

I breathed heavily and close my eyes. I’ve memorized the spell as I’ve done it a hundred times already. The difference is that I’m bringing a car with me, and it’s on the other side of the globe.

It’s fine. It really is. No need to worry about, Maze, just focus.

I touched my car’s steering wheel and focused.

I felt the familiar magnetic pull getting stronger, and after a few seconds, it stopped.

I opened my eyes and I wasn’t in the deserted highway anymore; I was in a dark alleyway. Just right beside my car is a tall pile of garbage, clearly ransacked by rats, or cats, or even beggars.

I started the car again and drove out of the narrow alleyway. I didn’t have a clear picture in mind so it led me here. Good thing no human is around.

When the moonlight hit me, I immediately roamed my eyes around the place. It was crowded, buzzing with people on the sidewalks. I can hear the bus horns from inside and the smog from the vehicles.

It’s very populated here, in comparison to my former home, a small town in Arizona, where it’s frequently deserted.

I tried to wriggle my way out of the noisy place, and try to find a five-star hotel to stay for the meantime. I might go into the woods and build a house there or stay in my car so I can travel to the possible locations of the golden trinket without worrying for a home.

I found a suitable hotel, Hotel Sogo.

I parked my car on their parking lot and grabbed my suitcase. I went to the front desk.

The female clerk greeted me and I smiled.

“Hi, I’d like a room with a great view of the city.”

“For how many nights, Ma’am?” she queried.

How many nights is enough for me to find witches and warlocks that can help me?

“About three?”

She quickly typed in her computer and after a few minutes, she introduced me to a bellboy and the bellboy led me to the elevator. He offered to take my suitcase but I denied, he wouldn’t be able to lift it with the number of shrunken things I have inside. We stopped in the twelfth floor and he led me to a room.

“This is your room, Ma’am.” He opened the door. I thanked him and entered the room.

Looks like the money I gave them was put to good use. The room had a big queen-sized bed, with a luxurious bathroom and closet. On one side was a floor-to-ceiling window that gave a very beautiful view of the metropolis.

I spent a few minutes admiring the view and then went to the bathroom to shower.

I looked over to the analog clock above the TV, and saw it’s already 10pm. When I left Arizona earlier, it was around seven in the morning. Wow, the time difference.

I adjusted my wristwatch and just tried to sleep since I failed to do so last night. Tomorrow will be the start of my adventure. I just hope I encounter the right witches on my first day. Because I obviously can’t do this alone.

I laid by the soft bed, twisting and turning, it’s too early for me to be homesick. Seriously. But I expected this.

I sat up and opened my suitcase. I rummaged through the suitcase to try and find my sleeping pills. I knew I was going to have a hard time adjusting so I brought sleeping pills. I diminished the shrinking spell on it and opened the lid. I grabbed one pill and popped it in my mouth.

Hmm, better.

I closed my eyes as I let myself drift to sleep.

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