Chasing the Golden Trinket

Chasing the Golden Trinket

By:  ZAVIEDA  Ongoing
Language: English
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Maze Nirvana, a young witch, had just been exiled from her coven. She opposed the idea of their leader, the High Priestess, of finding the remaining possession of the Great Witch, a golden trinket, in order to resurrect her and make her obey our commands and use the Great Witch's power to dominate the world. Maze had nowhere else to go, so in search of a new home and fellow witches willing to help her, she travels to a new country. She comes across a group of highly skilled witches and warlocks led by Royce Gavin, a devilishly attractive warlock. She asks for their help in finding the golden trinket before the dark witches do to prevent havoc on Earth. They set off to a quest to find the ancient trinket even if it means sacrificing their lives for it.

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keep updating, author-nim. i am ready for more chapters! 😆 by the way, do you have any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-21 17:55:19
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the cover's amazing, the blurb is superb and the story itself is well-written. hope to read more upcoming chapters????
2020-10-23 18:57:08
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Can't wait to read this! ?
2020-07-11 02:05:17
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Michael Shelby
Five stars for the great blurb and the awesome book. I am Hooked. please update more
2020-07-10 19:00:46
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This is so good! Even if it's not yet completed, the start is so well-narrated and the pace of events is okay. I feel like I'm going on an adventure with Maze haha! Must read!
2020-07-10 15:16:54
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Alphabetical B
I love your book especially your protagonist. Update soon ❤️❤️
2020-07-20 21:43:27
8 Chapters
Chapter 1: Exiled
Tiptoeing on the oak hardwood floor couldn't be harder. It's midnight and I'm trying to go to the kitchen to steal a few snacks.The kitchen's pantry always has snacks. With the number of witches living in this house, which is eighteen, our stocks always run out so fast so I always sneak up at midnight when there's new grocery to pile some foods on my room."Krishna, we can't---"I heard a faint feminine voice. I immediately whipped my head to the direction of the voice and saw the library. The library is located near the kitchen, where I'm heading. But I think I can eavesdrop for a bit. The library's door is a bit ajar so I can clearly hear what the witches inside are saying."No, Delta, I've already decided. It's final," It was Krishna's stern voice. Our High Priestess.They're obviously arguing. But I'd like to stay for a bit more and find out what they're arguing about."Krishna
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Chapter 2: Commotion
It’s the next day, now I’m strolling at a nearby mall to check their boutiques here. I’m at the second floor of the four-story building, when suddenly, a commotion happened at the base floor. It can be seen from this floor because at the center of the mall is an opening, the sides are barricaded by glass panes to avoid any accidents. From this height, I can clearly see a man dressed in jeans and a faded shirt with a gun in hand, and a woman in the other, taking her as hostage. He points the gun to the woman’s temple and to anyone from the crowd who moves. He’s obviously had a bit too much to drink since he looks on edge and tensed. The woman also looks frightened for her life. I didn’t want to interfere, because I’m hoping others will and only those with a brave heart will. Some were trying to call the police, but I’m sure that with the traffic of this city, they’ll be here in five minutes or more. A few moments
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Chapter 3: The Master
The road to their master’s home is going smoothly. Eve and Macky are bickering like kids, Louise is surprisingly sleeping soundly beside me amidst the noise the two are making, Gab is driving, while me and Royce who is at the shotgun seat are staying silent. I’ve figured that it was a long drive from the city, and that it has many twists and turns. We’ve almost been travelling for three lengthy hours but I think we’re still far from the exact house. After a few moments of sight-seeing, I noticed the civilians wandering around getting lesser and lesser. We’re passing by an increasing number of trees, and the path’s also starting to get bumpy. Louise had also woken up because of the bumps, but didn’t say anything. “It’s a downhill this time. Be careful, everyone,” Gab warned us, the van getting slower and slower. A downhill? We weren’t even climbing a hill! Oh, well. It’s another spell. Might be an illusion or rea
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Chapter 4: Start of the Chase
I knocked on Master Zorylle’s office. I just settled in his house, I checked out of the hotel and brought my suitcase here. I twisted the silver doorknob of his office and peeked inside. He’s sitting in a wooden office chair, behind his wide mahogany table.He raised his gaze from the papers on his table to me.“May I come in?”He nodded and motioned to the couch in front of his table. I quietly sat down and sighed.“Thank you for letting me stay,” I started, “and thank you for choosing to help me.”He chuckled. “If I know I can do it, I will. You don’t have to thank me, child.”“But still, you’re allocating your time for this. It means a lot.”He leaned back on his chair. “No worries. I’m sure you still have other things you want to say.”I knew he would say that.“It’s about my Mom. Can you tell me more about her?”
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Chapter 5: A New Recruit
We continued going down the stairs silently, still eavesdropping. “We wish to know who is the prophesied witch is, Rynoa,” a feminine voice answered. Prophesied witch? There was a prophecy? Given by who? And Rynoa, I know that name. I’ve read that name in one of the books in our library before. But I just couldn’t remember where. ‘Rynoa was the strongest warlock who mastered demonic magic a few generations ago,’ spoke Royce I my mind. Exactly! The darkest of the dark warlocks. Demonic magic is practiced by witches or warlocks who either wants to borrow powers from demonic forces, or simply talk to them, or use their spirits to do their bidding. All of the aforementioned can be done by sacrificing living beings and other dark methods of witchcraft. Compared to witches like me who practice traditional and hereditary magic, witches who practice demonic magic has darker motives and is in the dark side of witchcraft.
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Chapter 6: Memories
"Finally, home sweet home," Eve mumbled and plopped herself down on the couch as soon as we got back to the mansion.We were greeted by Master Zorylle on the grand staircase, when his gaze fell to Doreen. His brows rose a bit."A new guest?" He smiled at Doreen who's busy roaming her eyes around the mansion."She's a new friend we met in the church," I explained and took her in front of Master Zorylle. The others went on their own ways and actually left me to explain Doreen's situation."I'm Doreen, I practice a variety of dark magic but I favor Demonic more than the others," Doreen introduced herself and offered a hand.Master Zorylle looked shocked with what kind of witch we brought but nevertheless, smiled and accepted her hand."Well, hello there. I'm Zorylle but my apprentices here call me Master Zorylle." He looked at us."How did it go?" He asked and looked a
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Chapter 7: The Witch Council
Note: The following chapters' word counts will decrease dramatically by 500 words. This change is due to a realization that have dawned upon me. I don't want my readers to get bored nor do I want to serve less frequent updates because I struggle maintaining the 2k+ word count every chapter. I hope everyone adjusts to this! Thanks! Love, Z  
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Chapter 8: The Stregas
The counselor plainly stood up from his seat as a short wooden staff appeared from his cloak. It has a glowing gem on top, inside was what looked like magical dusts—or were those the witches' souls? No, it can't be. Is he that powerful that he can store souls in what looked like his talisman? 
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