Daughter of House Fiore

Daughter of House Fiore

By:  Vell Devaras  Completed
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"Brother, please spare my life!" Sera cried out. She kneeled and bowed down to show sincerity but her brother's eyes did not show any emotion. "There is no mercy for traitors, Sera. That's the family motto, remember?" Xander's voice was stern and filled with contempt. "I didn't do it! I don't even know what the Duchess looked like!" She was desperate but none of her family members even tried to listen to her. "We shouldn't have accepted you. The prophecy was true when it said that you will only bring tragedy to this family!" Her father's voice was filled with rage. All her life, all she asked was to be acknowledged. All she wanted was to feel the warmth of a family. Was it too much to ask for? "I wish I was never born," she mumbled. "Prepare to die, Seraphina. This is the punishment for taking my mother's life." Xander lifted his sword and drops of blood splattered when the blade cut through Sera's head. "Sera!" Seraphina jolted when she heard her mother's voice. Her eyes grew wide when she saw the familiar small room and she immediately touched her neck to confirm that her head was not severed. What happened? Why am I back to my ten-year-old self?

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The novel is a Fantasy Family genre. A Duke secretly houses a bastard daughter named Sera in his mansion. Sera grew up knowing her true identity but just moves in silence and caused no harm to her secretly foster home. Meanwhile, as the whole family knows, everything has changed - even their treatment of Sera. But fortunately, a crowned Prince named Ric offers to help her. Sera was outcasted from the Manor and still find Alexandric tailing her. But outside the castle, Seraphina experienced a different state which turns her world upside down. What could be Ric's intention for her? 

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in love with this novel ...️ totally loved it
2022-08-27 15:25:22
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I only wish it was longer cause it was so good!
2022-08-22 00:42:46
67 Chapters
Chapter 1: Welcome to House Fiore
The loud noisy streets of the Golden City fell silent as soon as the sound of the horses’ hooves was heard. It wasn’t just one but almost ten horses were neatly aligned followed by the supplies and gifts that the unit received on their mission.Everyone who saw the returning march of the empire’s delegates smiled with amazement. The looks of admiration and respect were all garnered to the man who led the unit towards the peace treaty with the neighborhood kingdoms.Duke Alejandro von Fiore, the commander of the imperial knights, sat on his horse with honor and authority as he looked straight ahead, ignoring all the gazes he received. His gray uniform and the crest on the back of his cape were admired by most of the young boys that he passed by.“I want to be one of the Gray Wolves when I grow up!” a young boy muttered as he looked at the knights that followed the Duke. The men looked confident and strong, just like their master who
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Chapter 2: The Only Daughter
The house was buzzing with gossips from the servants as soon as the announcement happened. Who would’ve thought that the duke who loved their duchess would bring home an illegitimate child? They were a picture of a perfect and loving family but a child from another woman was suddenly accepted in the manor.“Father, what nonsense is that?” Alexander, the eldest son of the duke, slammed the table.They were having a family dinner when the duke announced that he brought home his daughter from a maid and that the child was living in the annex.“Mind your manners, Xander,” Duchess Stephanie von Fiore, said in an elegant but stern manner before she turned to the duke. “Ali, I won’t question your actions like how I did before. But is it true that the child was a little girl?”“Yes, Steph. The reason why I kept her here was that she had the distinct traits of a Fiore.”The boys looked glum when th
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Chapter 3: Accused
For Seraphina, living as quietly as she could be would be the only way to survive. So as she grew, she made sure to not leave the annex unless necessary and to stay away from her family’s sight. She told herself that she didn’t need to be loved or to be doted on. She was contented as long as she had food on her plate and a roof on her head. She didn’t need any more attention from the family than what she already received.And after almost eight years, Seraphina grew into a fine lady but no one knew about her existence. Only those who work at the annex knew about her and even the new maids that were hired after her arrival weren’t informed about the lady of the house Fiore.“My lady, you’re coming of age ceremony is coming near,” Mary, her personal maid, said with excitement as she brushed her hair. “Are you looking forward to it?”“Was there something to look forward to?” She smiled at the mirror
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Chapter 4: I Am Back?
Sera jolted when there was suddenly a light after a long time of darkness. She slowly opened her eyes and she saw a familiar figure walking towards her after she parted the curtains."Young lady, are you alright?" Mary walked towards Sera with a worried look on her face."Young lady?" Sera mumbled.She touched her neck and looked around. The white walls, the shabby bed, and pillows, the pungent smell of old books stacked on the shelf in the corner. Indeed, she was in her room."Why am I here?" she asked when she turned to see Mary watching her with a concerned look."Though you came from a servant mother, my lady is still the daughter of Duke Fiore. It might not be as luxurious as the others, but this place is my lady's home now." Mary's warm and gentle voice was reassuring but Sera's mind was still a mess.What was she doing inside her room? The last thing she remembered was her brother chopping her head off. Did she go to the afterlife? Di
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Chapter 5: A Sudden Twist
What happened? Who was that just now? That situation wasn’t a part of Sera’s memories in her past life. She walked backed and forth around her room as she tried to organize her thoughts.When she felt tired, she sat at her study desk and pulled a paper and a pen from the drawer, and started writing things down. First, she wasn’t in a dream. Second, she truly went back to the past and that was her reality now.What should she do?It was the biggest question in that situation. Of course, her goal was to survive, but how exactly would she try to survive? Did she have to relive that life again?She clenched her fists as she remembered the days when she couldn’t do the things that she wanted because she promised to live quietly. Would something change if she tried something that she liked?She put a big question mark on the paper filled with her scribbles. What should she do in order to survive? If only she could leave…
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Chapter 6: A Sudden Twist II
“Hey, kid.” The Crown Prince looked at her and lend his hand. “Leave this place and come with me, I’ll treat you better.”With the innocent yet determined face that he showed, Sera was almost persuaded. Wouldn’t it be better to leave the manor with him? However, it was the first time that she had a chance to encounter him. What if he was way more frightening than the Fiores? What if just like her family, he would just be using her to get what he wanted?A silence ensued as everyone was waiting for her answer. She slowly shook her head and hid behind her father. She had no choice but to rely on the duke at the moment.“I’m sorry but I want to stay with my father, your imperial highness,” she said and looked away. She couldn’t look at the eye of the person she rejected after he offered her his kindness.“It looked like you had your daughter wrapped around your fingers, Duke.” The Crown
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Chapter 7: Trust Issues
“Tsk. Why do I need to serve a bastard daughter of the duke?” The maid mumbled as she entered Sera’s room. “If she didn’t arrive, I wouldn’t be assigned here in the annex!”Sera pretended not to hear her rants. It had been a week since the duke’s weird way of treating her and after he left, he didn’t visit again. She knew it just happened on a whim but she still felt disappointed about being unnoticed once more.But that would be okay! That would be better than dying earlier than expected.She tried to console herself so she wanted to distance herself from any negative remarks. Ignoring them would be better for her rather than overthinking and drowning herself in misery just like what she did before.“Hey, Miss. Eat this.” The maid forcefully put the meal on the table in her room.Though she heard what the maid said, she didn’t feel like eating so she just ignored her.&
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Chapter 8: Trust Issues II
“Young lady, the duke has called for you to his office,” Mary said after talking with the knights outside the annex.“In his office? Am I even allowed to go to the main house?” Sera asked since such a scene didn’t happen in her past life. The only time she set foot on the main house was when she first met the duke and the last time was when she was killed eight years after.She never had a good experience in the main house so she was somewhat anxious. She didn’t want to leave her annex especially since there was still a possibility of her being killed by her own brother.“Yes, my lady. We need to prepare and make sure that you look your best.” Mary was excited. She hoped that the duke would finally realize his daughter’s worth and would start to treat her preciously.However, Sera’s interpretation of the situation was different. Rather than an opportunity, she found the duke’s sudden attent
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Chapter 9: The Visitor
Sera couldn’t understand the duke’s actions so she was pondering about it after she arrived back to the annex. Just why would the duke bestow her a name that was only given to children who should bring honor and glory to the Duchy? He didn’t do that in her past life no matter how hard she tried to be acknowledge by him, and yet he did that when she literally did nothing to get his attention.“My lady, you should’ve eaten your lunch with the duke,” Mary said while preparing the table for her meal.It took her a lot of courage just to decline a meal with him. Since she had been filled with doubts and confusion, she couldn’t take any more than that. She felt like she would explode if she stayed there for a little longer. That was just how uncomfortable it was for her to be with him.“My lady, you have a visitor.”Sera looked at Mary with a questioning look but the latter just shrugged. They weren’t
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Chapter 10: The Visitor II
Though Sera accepted Ric’s invitation, the prince knew it was because she couldn’t refuse someone from the imperial bloodline. Despite knowing, he was amused instead of feeling guilty for forcing her to agree with his proposition. It was a mystery for him as he tried to understand what was going on in her head and the more she tried to create a gap between him and her, the more he wanted to mess with her.“Shall we go on a walk?” He chuckled when the lady discreetly rolled her eyes before nodding her head. Just how cute could she be when she tries to suppress her annoyance?Ric offered his hand for the lady to hold but Sera smiled awkwardly.“I don’t think I could just touch your imperial highness so casually.” Instead, she stood behind him and gestured for him to take the lead.“Don’t get smart with me.” Ric chuckled as he pulled her hand and wrap it on his arm. “Now let’s walk.&rdqu
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