The Girl Who Unknowingly Became Harem Queen

The Girl Who Unknowingly Became Harem Queen

By:  Kei-Kei Yuki  Ongoing
Language: English
7 ratings
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One moment I'm chasing after a rabbit and the next, I'm falling down a rabbit hole! What the heck?! This ain't Alice in Wonderland?! Though as I opened my eyes, I soon found out that I was no longer in my original body and that somehow I transmigrated into the light novel, A Fairytale Romance. And that isn't all, the character whose body I transmigrated into... is none other than the canon-fodder, stuck-up, arrogant, and selfish ojou-sama who was nothing more than a comic relief character, Maria Rosendrey. Life truly sucks...

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world awesome
Hey are you okay? I really love this book! Please update soon.
2021-12-07 14:21:46
user avatar
Kevi Metha
2021-08-22 12:29:23
user avatar
Tanvir Kaur
When will you update?
2021-08-06 05:59:53
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I enjoyed this book and the chaotic MC 😂 this is worth the read 👏✨✨
2021-06-22 10:56:32
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I love transmigration novels, so this book is already off to a good start! The FL doesn’t have any crazy cheats except for her knowledge of the book. Makes me wonder how she will solve all the problems she’s going to encounter. I can’t wait to see what happens with the crown prince. Love this story!
2021-05-16 02:04:51
user avatar
tho book is amazing I can't stop reading
2021-05-04 15:26:56
default avatar
Nice story
2021-04-12 03:36:13
73 Chapters
Ch.1: Dammit I Transmigrated
 One moment a high school girl could be seen chasing after an adorable white bunny on school grounds, and the next second she was falling down a large rabbit hole, a terrifying scream ripping from the girl's throat as everything around her turned into a sparkling galaxy full of color as if she was soaring through space. "Wait a minute...! What on Earth is going on?!" screamed the girl, who was suddenly engulfed in a bright, blinding light before everything went dark. In the darkness of her subconscious, the girl heard voices calling out to her, voices that for some reason felt familiar to her despite this being her first time hearing them. Heavy eyelids opened themselves only to see a cute boy, between the ages of nine and ten, standing next to her bed, holding her hand. Seeing this unfamiliar face, the girl on the bed thought to herself, 'Who's this cute boy? ...And why does he seem so familiar to me?'
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Ch.2: Encounter with the Future Male Villain
 After hearing her big brother speak of Diamond Academy, the next day Maria laid on her bed depressed, confirming with herself that she had somehow transmigrated into the reverse harem light-novel, A Fairytale Romance. Once that was out of the way, it only took connecting the dots to figure out which character her soul transmigrated into, which was that of the comic-relief female villain, Maria Rosendrey.'At least my first name is still the same, but usually, when stuff like this happens, the soul is transmigrated into the main villainous boss, not a sub-villain, who no one in the series took seriously!' A pair of emerald eyes dejectedly stared up at the ceiling of her pink four-poster bed as she reflected back on the story. In the light-novel, there was a character named Maria Rosendrey, a spoiled and bratty noble girl, who was so deeply obsessed with the male lead, a.k.a the crown prince, that despite how many cruel words he
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Ch.3: Searching For A Way
 "The archduchess does not deserve to die!" shouted Maria, once again having another discussion with the two fragments of her inner consciousness, Light Maria and Dark Maria."Such a nice woman definitely does not deserve to die." Light Maria sagely nodded her head in agreement."Saying that she's a nice woman is not going to help us. I mean, how did she die in the novel?" questioned Dark Maria, who was floating in the air, eating a hamburger for some reason."Hmm, if I recall correctly, both the archduke and archduchess publically died in a tragic fire that randomly broke out in the manor, but we later found out that the archduchess died from poison first before the fire started." Maria was decked out in her Sherlock Holmes costume, recalling how the story mentioned that during the middle of a tea-party, hosted by the archduchess, a fire randomly broke out and ruined the event. The archduke who was returning h
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Ch.4: My Weirdo Family
 The next day Kuroka and Shirone found their young miss in the garden, crouching down on her knees, plucking flowers with a dark cloud hovering above her head as they heard her murmur, "I'm screwed. I'm screwed." She kept repeating those words, causing both maids to become worried."Ojou-sama has been like this since this morning. Even during breakfast, which made the madam burst into tears," whispered Kuroka, recalling when the countess rushed over to her daughter, tears bursting from her eyes, engulfing her daughter in a hug."Not good, we must cheer-up ojou-sama." Shirone's face grew serious as if this was a grave emergency. Meanwhile, Maria was unaware of everyone's concern for her wellbeing as she sighed and pointed her big emerald eyes towards the clear blue sky.'Is there really no other way I can save the archduchess?' contemplated Maria. "Ojou-sama, how about you try some dessert to cheer you
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Ch.5: Stopping A Tragedy
 Lying down defeated on the couch, Maria tried to resist the urge to cry or bang her head against the wall. Why was she upset? It was because tomorrow was the archduchess's tea party, having remembered earlier today about her agenda for saving the woman's life. "I suck as a hero," muttered Maria when a presence entered the room. "Something on your mind, Maria?" Sitting up, Maria saw the one who entered the living room was none other than her big brother. "Just deciding on what dress I should wear to the archduchess's tea party tomorrow," she lied, seeing how she just couldn't confess out of the blue about how the archduchess and her family's lives were in great danger if something was not done. "Hmm, is that so." He took a seat next to her and pressed the top of a decorative glass vase that displayed a blue crystal butterfly inside. Once activated, a large holographic screen appeared, showing what looked to
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Ch.6: Aftermath
 Upon opening her eyes, Maria was met with the familiar sight of her white bedroom ceiling; slowly sitting up, she saw both Kuroka and Shirone cleaning and straightening up things in her room. Blinking her eyes sleepy, both maids must have sensed that she was up as they quickly turned their attention towards her and almost cried tears of joy upon seeing her awake. "Ojou-sama, you finally opened your eyes!" cried Kuroka, running over to Maria first. "I'm so happy to see you up, ojou-sama! I'm ashamed of my lack of ability for not being able to protect you properly!" Shirone had her head down, angry with herself for allowing her young miss to become injured. "Protect me?" Maria muttered, confused, only to remember the whole situation that happened at the archduchess's tea party before she had gotten injured and blacked out. "That's right! I had gotten hurt! Shirone, how long have I been ou
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Ch.7: Diamond Academy Welcome Back Banquet
 Maria found herself escorted out of the carriage by her brother, silk white-gloved hands nervously clutching the pink fabric of her dress. Just like her mother stated, the dress was truly top-quality, trimmed in pearl pink tulle, pearls and gold ornate designs decorating the chest and bottom portion as the sleeves hung an inch off her shoulders. A pink silk choker adorned with a diamond heart was worn around her neck. Shirone styled her hair in a nice elegant bun with a few loose curls framing her face. Thanking her brother for his assistance, Maria pointed her emerald eyes to the massive and beautiful alabaster castle-like building with gold rooftops. Stained glass windows were scattered through the high towers and walls. Riding up to the front gate were a number of high-class carriages, and escorted off these carriages were noble children of all ages, who, from what Maria had seen so far, all walked with their heads held high, posture perfect wit
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Ch.8: 4S Beauties of Diamond Academy
 Maria's good mood from before instantly disappeared once she took in the appearance of the boy who appeared from out of the shadows and before her. He was cute, with a touch of handsomeness where you could tell that he was definitely going to grow up and be a very attractive man in the future. Then again, one should expect nothing less from the male lead from the light-novel A Fairytale Romance and crown prince of Astral. Even though he was the male lead in a shoujo romance genre novel, without the heroine, Maria could’ve easily mistaken him for a shounen male harem protagonist due to the number of girls that ridiculously fell for him. The temperature outside felt warm. A light
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Ch.9: End of the Banquet
 "I'll ask again, what is your relationship with Richard-sama?" demanded the icy Beauty of Winter, glaring those icy-blue colored eyes straight at Maria, who was suddenly reminded about something. In the novel, it was hinted that before Eira fell for the crown-prince she once had feelings for someone else. 'So that someone else must've been Richard-sama. Unlike the other love rivals, Eira didn't immediately fall for the crown-prince, but gradually grew feelings for him throughout the years, since her first crush, Richard-sama, was out of the picture, but now the plot of the story has changed.' Maria sighed to herself; she could smell the trouble that was brewing and she knew there was no way for her to escape it. "What exactly is going on out here?" questioned a familiar voice as everyone turned towards the direction the voice came from. Both Maria and Mai were taken by surprise, yet very happy to see their respective s
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Ch.10: Welcome to Diamond Academy
 "Aww, darling, doesn't our dear little cub look adorable in her new school uniform~?" Maria blankly stared at her squealing mother, while trying to ignore the flashes of light in her face that came from her father's camera. Turning her head away from her overly affectionate family, Maria glanced at herself in the mirror. Since Diamond Academy was such a prestigious school, it made sense that their uniforms should match. The light blue dress she was wearing touched her skin like a gentle cloud. With it, she was wearing a cute white cropped jacket with a sailor collar. Tied around her neck was an adorable cute red ribbon with silver fancy border designs on the dress and jacket. The back featured a lace-up design for a bonus feminine appeal. Underneath, she was wearing white socks with a stylish pair of Mary-Janes on her feet. Today her hair was in twin tails with heart-shaped buns holding them in place. 'I look like Chibi Moo
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