"You... You’re a... a,"

"I’m a girl," Cassy finished for her, daring to laugh. Anne staggered away from her, confusion suddenly written all over her face. Cassy felt her breath returning to normal almost immediately, although Anne was quite far from there.

"A girl?" she blurted out suddenly, still making no attempt to cover her unclad state.

"It would appear so," Cassy replied.

"My lord, is there... did lady Herenton put you up to this?" she asked. "Did she pay you to humiliate me like this?"

"I can assure you that there has been a bit misunderstanding," Cassy said quickly. "And none of this was at your expense."

"Then explain this," she grated. "Explain how you are a girl, and how you managed to fool them into thinking you’re not."

"You might want to sit down for this," Cassy said. "It’s sort of a long story, and I don’t even know where to begin."

Anne eyed her suspiciously, clearly debating whether she could trust this strange woman or not. It was bad enough that she had to discov
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