Cassy mounted one of the sedate.

The raw pain had eased slightly and was duller now, more easily dealt with now that she wasn't expecting anything, now that she wasn't expecting him to follow her. She had given up already on their love.

At first, nothing had helped, then for the past week, she had begun taking her life one day at a time, making it through the day and then congratulating herself for it, spending as much time with Zack as possible. Finally, she had begun taking pains with her appearance again and had begun wearing the new clothes that fit her fuller figure. Her breasts were larger, and her waist, though still small, was not as small as it had been. Her hips were fuller, too, swelling in a curve that would hardly be mistaken as boyish now. She had definitely matured, and pregnancy surely did agree with her.

But what good did it do to her if Henry was so far away? And why did she miss him so much when it was obvious he did not miss her? He was with his mistresses, and she
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