Jonathan growled as though he would punch Henry without hearing from him. He had a defensive stance, waiting for the best moment to strike.

"I have no idea," Henry began, his voice cold. "Perhaps you might know where I can find her, Levington?"

Jonathan was seething with rage. "Now you see why I was so against the wedding!" he snapped angrily before punching Henry on the face.

If Henry heard him, he gave no sign. His attention was on the door. He didn't bother to reply Jonathan, he didn't care how angry he was. He wanted to fight. It had been a long time since he'd felt this fierce urge to battle another man, but he did now. Few of the duels he'd engaged had been of his choosing and fewer still had he anticipated. Most of the time, he had simply refused to back down when pushed and had given his challenger every opportunity to gracefully extract himself from a fight.

But now, Henry wanted a fight desperately. He wanted the satisfaction of clashing blades, not the more detached aiming o
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