"I love you so much. . . ."

His kisses seared her flesh like glowing brands as his mouth moved around her lips. "You're the best thing to had ever happen to me," he murmured against her lips, before capturing them yet again in a searing kiss.

It had never occurred to Cassy that he would want her to touch him as he touched her, and the knowledge was thrilling. She put her hands against his tanned chest, slowly spreading her fingers, amazed when her simple touch made his breath catch.

Feeling as if her heart would break with the love bursting in it, Cassy answered him with a melting kiss. It was answer enough.

Still holding her, he moved onto his side, then he combed his fingers through her rumpled, satiny hair and brushed a tender kiss against her temple. Cassy’s lashes fluttered up and he felt as if he would drown in the deep blue pools of her eyes.

"How do you feel?" she teased, smiling as she asked him the same question he had once asked her.

With tender solemnity, he replied, "I f
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