Chapter 53

Now she was sitting in her room, probably their room as she glanced at all the roses and fairy lights decorating the room, making it look beautiful. She was certain that it was Muskan's doing.

Her train of thoughts were broken when the door creek opened indicating his presence as in a brief second the locking of the door echoed in silence making her nervous all of a sudden.

Gulping she stared at her hands in her lap, which looked oddly interesting than the person who was standing in front of her removing his coat.

Slowly Alex came and sat in front of her on the bed as she fidgeted with her fingers nervously. When she felt his fingers touching her chin softly as he make her face him but still her eyes were downcast with smokey eye makeup making her look exquisite.

"Look at me Corazon." He whispered softly as she hesitatingly met his grey eyes. He was looking extremely handsome up close.

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