Chapter 6

Alizey felt a tapping on her shoulder, she stirred in her sleep and grumbled. "Just two minutes mom." But instead of the scolding she was met with giggling and definitely it wasn't her mom.

Her eyes shot opened in an instant, and she sit up immediately on the floor. Her eyes met with soft hazel orbs. There was a girl sitting beside her on the floor and was smiling softly at her.

Alizey was stunned for few seconds when she wasn't met with the familiar sight of her room but slowly all the memories came back with full force. She looked at the girl in front of her.

Her blonde hair were tied up in a tidy bun, her eyebrows were perfectly shaped, small nose with high cheekbones, she was beautiful no doubt. She was wearing a maid type of uniform which was reaching her knees.

Noticing Alizey's eyes on herself the girl spoke up while forwarding her hand for a shake "I'm Mia." Alizey gave her a leave me alone look because she can't trust her, this girl could be one of them.

When Alizey didn't show any sign of shaking her hand the girl timidly retreats her hand but her smile didn't vary at all. She spoke up enthusiastically. "I'm here to help you get ready for the work." She gave Alizey her pearly smile.

It was as if she was really happy to see her for some unknown reason. The way her eyes were shining with happiness was enough for Alizey's heart to melt at the sight.

Maybe she's just like her brought here by force. "I'm Alizey." Alizey said surprising her and gave her a small smile.

The girls eyes lit up. "Such a beautiful name. Well I would love to talk to you all day but we have to hurry because the guys would be up in one hour and we don't have much time." She said while helping Alizey to stand.

"Umm guys?" Alizey gave her a confused look.

"Oh nothing! Come I'll take you to your room." 

Her nothing scared Alizey more.

She didn't know what time it is but one thing she realized is that she missed her Fajr prayers.

Mia started walking out of the room. Alizey was hesitant but followed her nonetheless. They moved to the second floor. They passed by many doors until they stopped at the last one. Mia opened the door and they both entered inside. "This is your room."

It was a descent room with a single bed in the middle a large window in front a wardrobe in the corner and a door on one side probably the restroom.

All of a sudden Alizey felt home sick. She missed her family her home. She didn't know how much longer she has to work here. She felt alone.

She was brought out of her thoughts when Mia gave her the uniform to wear. It was just like Mia's but Alizey can't wear it. Her legs would be bare. "Mia can you please give me some pants to wear with it." Mia looked confused but she nodded her head while giving a soft smile. "Of course! Just freshen up, everything you need will be in the restroom till then I'll bring something to wear with the uniform."

Alizey took shower and wear the uniform along with tights which Mia passed her in the restroom.

She was glad that the dress was loose on her. Mia suggested that she would later stitch the dress to her size but Alizey refused saying she's more comfortable like this. Now the hardest task was to dry her hair and luckily she found the hairdryer in one of the drawers and immediately dried her hair and then wore her hijab.

She couldn't take the risk of going out without her hijab. She didn't know who live in this place yet, except of that beast and Mia.

She peeked outside the door and saw Mia patiently waiting for her. When she stepped out she expected Mia would definitely ask her about the hijab but she didn't. Instead she smiled softly and said. "Lets go."

They made their way towards the ground floor, passing the dining area and finally they came in the kitchen. Through their small journey Alizey's mouth was open in Awe. The place was huge with beautiful and expensive furniture and all. Mia giggled at Alizey's reaction. To which she closed her mouth instantly feeling embarrassed.

At the sight of kitchen Alizey felt hungry. She hasn't eaten anything from yesterday. "I'm hungry." She said to Mia.

The one and only thing that Alizey can't resist is food. And she loves to eat.

Mia chuckled at her. "Do you know how to cook?" Alizey nodded her head "Come then help me prepare breakfast." They both started working.

Mia helped Alizey in the kitchen and told her about the schedules they have to follow and all.

Alizey understood everything but the thing that was confusing her was that why are they making a lot of breakfast. It was as if they are making breakfast for a whole soccer team.

Alizey decided to clear her confusion. "Mia? Exactly for how many people we are making breakfast?"

"Fourteen maybe and now fifteen including you." Mia replied.

"Oh, can I ask you who are these people?"

"Well I can say that they are group of people like family and do some business."

"Uhh! ok-okay" But Alizey didn't understand the one bit of her explanation.

The one thing she was clearly aware of that who ever they are. Aren't good people, they shot her father and threatened to kill her brother if she wouldn't have cooperated. They basically kidnapped her. Now the thing she isn't understanding that why that beast would brought her at his home where his family lives.

"MIAAAAAA!!!" They both got starlet by the loud voice calling Mia's name. "COMING!" Mia screamed in high pitch voice making Alizey to cover her ears. Mia said a meek sorry and immediately started putting the food on the dish and took one outside not before instructing

Alizey to fill the second dish.

As Alizey was done Mia came back and told her to take the dish to the dining area and serve the food. Alizey was hesitant. "Mia I don't want to go there." Mia gave her reassuring smile "Hey its alright. Relax just go there and put this dish on the table, no need to serve okay."

Alizey was hesitant but she has to face his family. If not now then never. She wished that his family would be more human then him. As her footsteps get closer to the dining area she started hearing laughter and deep voices. But as soon as she entered there, she halted in her track.


There in front of her was a group of large bulky men with dark tattoos and complete negative aura. They all were staring her down with their scary scrutinising gaze and she felt like she's been sent into the lions den. Her hands started trembling and sweat beads formed on her forehead. She didn't dare to look at them. She kept her eyes downcast.

This is the family Mia was talking about! Ya Allah...

She with all her courage move towards the table and put the dish there. She was completely aware of there heated gaze. Immediately she turned around to leave this place but was met with a hard wall. She hissed under her breath and come face to face with a chest clad in white shirt.

Her eyes snapped up meeting the icy grey orbs, making her gasp out loud.

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Suzanne Lukas Tui
Good story/plot, but not sure if it’s the translation, the grammar is pretty rough. It makes the story hard to follow at times. For example, the word should have been “startled” but was written as “starlet”.

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