Chapter 4

She stirred a bit on her place as she slowly and gradually started opening her eyes. She blinked several times to get rid of the blurry vision. Her head hurts due to strong waves of headache. It took her few seconds to adjust her sight to her surrounding. And when she saw she isn't in her room,she panicked.

The room was dark and it was completely empty the walls were covered in dirt and rust. She was lying on the bed. She immediately stood up and her hands reached towards her head to check that if she was even wearing her Hijab. Thankfully she was fully covered. She heaved a sigh but it was shortly lived. As she started panicking because of this unknown surrounding. The lane of

memories flashed in her head. She stumbled backwards as she held her head in her hands.

Bitter tears started to form in her eyes by remembering the things that happened with her and her family before she went unconscious. He kidnapped her and shot her father. The numb body of her father was laying on the floor unconscious with blood oozing out from his stomach. The screams of her mother and the wails of Ali was so fresh in her mind, as if she is seeing everything in front of her eyes right now.Suddenly she started hyperventilating thinking about her father, she does't even know if her father is alive or not. Sweat beads started to form on her forehead.

She needs to get out of here as soon as possible that was the first thought that came in her mind. Her legs start moving on its own towards the door. But to her dismay the door was locked. She looked for another door or window in the room but found nothing except of door which was present at the far corner of the room. She jogged towards that door and opened it. It was the restroom without any window. Tears were continuously pouring out of her eyes. She searched for some type of weapon or something in the room which she can use for her advantage but she found nothing.

The thought of banging the door and shouting for help crossed her mind but it immediately vanished as it came,when something struck her senses. What does he actually wants from me.

She flinched when the door slammed opened and there stood none other then him. He was standing in the door frame looking at her with his empty grey eyes.

He was wearing white shirt with black leather jacket,blue jeans and black boots. A silver chain was hanging around his neck,along with two silver rings in his hands. Tattoos were slightly showing off around his neck from the jacket. He was having an aura of a bad guy around him.

He entered in the room where as she moved three steps back."You're awake." He spoke as his intimidating personality made the room look smaller in her eyes.

She was scared of him and more scared of the fact that what does he wants from her. All the possibilities of him hurting her or doing even worse enveloped her mind.

He on the other hand was observing her keenly and was mesmerized by her beauty but most importantly how can he forget those beautiful bright blue doe like eyes. Her eyes are so captivating, the clear mirror of her soul. The moment he saw her in that house he knew She was that hammer girl. Even though her face was covered at the time of accident but her eyes were bare. And when he saw her in that house,his heart skipped a beat by her beauty even though she was still fully covered but her face was bare this time. And he immediately recognized those doe like eyes. He was mesmerized by her doe like eyes,small button nose,plump rosy lips, sharp jaw line. He found her more beautiful while crying as her small nose and cheeks turned red.

He himself couldn't understand what had gotten in him that he decided to take her in place of her father's debt. That was so irrational of him. His motive was just to scare the family and ask for them to return the money, or else gave that man a choice of joining their business. He knew that man took money to save his son. So he decided to let him go and to gave him a month time.

But when his eyes landed on her he can't stop himself from desiring her. So he decided to took her. But she wasn't listening to him and was behaving like a fierce tigress, so in order to tame her and to scare her he shot her father,it was a very safe shot, her father will probably be fine without any serious harm but it was helpful as she listened and sat in the car without creating the scene.

He couldn't possibly take her to the mansion while she is conscious, she might remember the way and try to run away. So he sedated her. It took him two hours to reach the mansion. He carried her unconscious body in bridal style, her scent of fresh roses filled his nostrils and he felt strangely good. Her body was so light in his big bulky arms. He felt good having her in his arms.

The moment he entered the mansion, the chattering of his men stopped, as everyone watched him in shear silence, their works long forgotten as they eyed him carrying a girl. It was new for them to watch their boss for the first time carrying a girl like this. Some were watching him with amusement while few of them eyeing the girl.

He glared at his men who were eyeing the girl and they immediately scurried away. He made his way to third floor, which is completely his as no one was allowed to go there. And his men knows him well not to defy their boss's orders. He gently placed her on the bed and sat beside her. His fingers slowly caressed her cheeks and his thumb rubbed her lower lip slightly, he felt the urge to taste her plump rosy lips, but his thoughts got disturbed by the phone call. He stood up and received the call, it was Cane."Her father is fine." Reported Cane. "Good!" Was his terse reply as he ended the call and left the room after giving her the last glance while locking the door.

Now the beauty was standing in front of him. Her petite frame was covered in large black cloth along with her head. She merely whispered while stuttering. "Why you k-kidnapped me? What do y-you w-want from me?" She was uncomfortable in his presence, and it was clear on her face.

He moved further in the room and closer to her to this she further moved back. "Your father can't pay his debt so I took you in place of the money." He spoke nonchalantly as it was no big deal.

How low of a man he is. How could he do this, doesn't he fear ALLAH. She was scared for herself. What he might do to her.

She saw that the door was opened, he doesn't closed it. So she does what came in her mind at that moment. She made a run for it.

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