Chapter 8



I entered the heavily packed building and almost suffocate due to the strong stench of alcohol and some misty shit. It was everywhere, almost blinding my eyes. I could feel it my nose, my ears and even on my tongue. I felt it seeping through my skin into my bloodstream and I didnt like it.

I mastered up courage and shoved my way through to the center. There I could see everything, clearly, from the boldly labeled bedrooms to the smashed artifacts and some rubbing bodies. It was wild and it sickened me.

A bunch of naked girls were seriously twerking on golden dancing poles, for a second I feared they may break. Others were dragging longingly on some kind of pipe that produced fumes.

I began to feel nauseous and a request to dance from a shabbily dressed piss was the straw that broke the camels back. I ran to the nearest bath room which was luckily empty and tried throwing up the horrid images that have now scarred my life out as well.

Wow Dede, I thought teasingly. You havent had a sip of alcohol but here I was already hung over.

Hung over indeed, if this was the party life then I want out.

"Well, well, well." A strangely familiar voice echoed through the bath room.

As if my night couldnt get much worse, Princess Naira and her entourage happened to be in the same washroom with me. 

Wow, Such a coincidence.

"If it isnt innocent amada," she snickered.

"I must say, I am utterly surprised you mustered the courage to even appear at this party. It looks way out of your league." She smiled politely as if she just complimented me.

"Please just leave me alone." My tone was alarming.

"Or else what, what can you do to me prick?" she moved closer to me.

We were so close I could smell the pungent smell of alcohol that was reeling off her body like a perfume. 

I instinctively held my nose then I realized right then that it was a terrible mistake. 

"something smell foul, doesnt it."

She backed away laughing hysterically then launched a heavy blow onto my stomach. 

My instant reaction was to puke as I already had plenty of upchuck to distribute.

It landed right on her cleavage and slowly and leisurely glided down her clothes. The look on her face was priceless, believe me. It would have been a great achievement if I wasnt in so much trouble. 

Her entourage stood there, rooted in their spot. Confounded and senile, they looked like they suffered from dementia. 

I wanted to laugh, but I knew it wasnt the right time either. So I just sat there and waited for the shock of what had happened to register.

"Ewww, she screamed after a very long pause. you ruined my jacket and know this?"

"It isnt ruined; if you wash it properly the smell will leave." I inputted, forcing myself not to laugh.

"I dont want to be seen wearing a dress you have barfed all over. That would be gross, you pig."

"Nobody would know about it, unless your minions her share the news."

"We arent her minions, we are her friends." A Blondie in a bra and some faded jean shorts retorted.

"Dont listen to her, Sasha; she is just trying to ruffle you up." This time a girl wearing a shirt of her face in a witchs hat jumps. Naira, lets get outta here.

She held her arms and forced her out of the bathroom while she kept on screaming, "You will pay for this!" 

Once they were gone, I let out a loud sigh and smiled happily to myself. Despite the number of unpleasant animals I had been called today, I was satisfied that at least I could get a little revenge.

Even if it was involuntary, petty and I probably owe her thousands of dollars now, it was the best revenge ever. Plus, her initial plan to disgrace me or whatever she had up her sleeve failed.

After the excitement of it all settled, I collected my thoughts and walked out of the bath room to find Levi. It was great what happened in there, but apart from that the party sucked and I wanted to leave.

Just as I left the bath room, a red haired skinny dude decided it would be funny to stick his filthy, dirty hands in sinfully short dress and grope my butt chicks. So that was exactly what he did.

He and his friend found it very funny and laughed. But I didnt. I wanted to fight them and beat them up then I thought of it again and decided it wasnt worth it.

I was not going to waste my time on these man babies and try and explain to them why what they did was wrong and disrespectful. So I didnt.

But best believe I cussed at them and showed them my sweet middle finger and walked away, cat walked in fact. The looks on their faces told me all I needed to know.

They won't be messing with this Queen any time soon.



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