Final Chapter

Everyone that breathed there watched in horror and surprise as great Arthur brought down at least fifty of Nicodemus army whilst Vincent had already sustained an injury; a Werewolf bite which weakened but he still managed to put up a fight.

The remaining that left rushed up to Arthur, all of them putting their weights on him to place a bite on his skin. But Arthur roared louder than ever with renewed strength. He threw them away with his hands before running to them tearing them into pieces, ripping their hearts out, he grabbed a Werewolf that launched at him and ferociously bit him by the neck till the man moved no more. Arthur dropped the lifeless body gazing at the injured men whose eyes were lit in fear of the monster in him.

Vincent trotted towards Alisha with his injured arm. "The Arthur you know is gone, even I don't know what he is right now. Run.... you're good as dead if he grabs you. Run!" Vincent raised his voice weakly.

"What about you, you're badly injured." She muttered
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